Toppling the Walls.

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Part 4. Speech by President Gonzalo, Communist Party of Peru]



Since ancient times, the masses have been subjected to
exploitation and oppression.  They have always rebelled, it is a
long and inexhaustible history.  The class struggle is constant.
It cannot be suppressed. For ages, since they began struggling,
the masses have clamored to organize the rebellion, to be armed,
to rise up, to be led.  It has always been this way and will
continue to be.  Even afterwards, in the new world, there will be
struggle but in different forms.

Misery exists together with fabulous riches.  Even the utopians
knew that both are linked: enormous wealth tied to condemnable
and outspoken poverty.  It is like this because exploitation
exists.  Exploitation is tied to oppression and this too exists,
killing the masses, consuming them with hunger, shackling and
garrotting them.  But the masses are not sheep.

They are people grouped into classes who organize themselves,
develop their parties and the latter its leaders.

The leadership should listen to the most minor murmur of the
masses, listen to their movement, try to scan the future from a
distance and stand firmly on the ground in order to record the
faintest tremor of the masses.  A leader that does not do this is
not a leader.

We are Communists, Marx taught us that as revolutionaries we have
the professional obligation to organize misery in order to topple
the old order.  Our obligation is to carry it out scientifically
in accordance with the laws of class struggle and with awareness
of the goal towards which the class and people march.  That is
our obligation, we have come here in order to organize the clamor
of the masses, to organize and arm them.  In this way the
disorganized power of the masses expresses its strength, its
invincible power, and the masses become the creators of new
orders, thereby undermining and boisterously toppling the
strongest walls.

We can not call ourselves Communists if we do not act in such a
manner.  There can be no leaders who are deaf to the clamor of
the masses, blind to their strength, harsh or indifferent.  This
is unacceptable. Nevertheless, what have we seen?  Blind, harsh,
indifferent and deaf leaders; are they losing their status as
Communists?  The souls of Communists should tremble like the
souls of the masses tremble, should become happy with
what brings them joy, be hurt by what hurts them, become
impassioned by what impassion them, uplifted by what uplifts the
masses. If not, the militant's character becomes a mere
formality, an insignia, a rubber stamp, a kind of etiquette.

There can be no Communists, much less leaders, that dare to lose
confidence in the masses; that is to lose confidence in the only
force of history.  The "reasons" could be very elaborate ones but
they would be hollow, an unacceptable emptiness.  The Party
cannot continue to allow those militants, and the leaders who
deny the role of the masses. We cannot permit that.  While the
bourgeoisie sees the waves of strikes and the reawakening of the
peasants, the Communists deny what their eyes see, and
what their hands make.  It makes no sense and cannot be permitted
for the Communist to deny the masses.

We should see things on perspective, have sensitive ears to hear
what the masses have to say, a penetrating insight, a sharp and
piercing talent to discover the transformation of the masses.
Without this, we cannot accomplish our mission.  Should we follow
the road of the old opportunism?  Do we have the callous hearts
of reaction?  With this kind of comrades what can we expect
tomorrow?  Only dark and sinister opportunists who traffick with
the masses. Never again shall we allow such a thing to occur,
much less with our leaders.

There is a powerful reality in this country of ours, it is the
masses.  They have a magnificent history that is often ignored;
but each time the masses speak up the land trembles, and each
time the peasant masses rise-up the foundations of the old system
rocks, Reactionaries worry in a thousand ways when they rebel but
only with blood and fire have they placated the masses.  Reaction
is helped by its sacristan opportunists who misdirect and
obstruct the struggle; but can only appease the masses, never
contain them.

Engels taught us that there are two forces in the world, the
armed force of reaction and the disorganized masses.  If we
organize the powerful force of the masses, their potential
develops into acts, what was a possibility becomes a reality.
What is a law and a necessity becomes forceful deeds
which sweep away all that is believed to be firm.  Nothing is

Everything is a house of cards, if they do not sustain themselves
in the masses.  And when the masses speak up everything shudders,
the order begins to tremble, the high summits stoop and the stars
change their course, because the masses are capable of anything.

If this conviction begins to falter within us, the Communist
spirit commences to fall into pieces.  We must be vigilant and
what we may have lived through in this Plenary Session, be a
warning to us: it must never happen again.  If a Party has
leaders who are deaf to the masses, its days are numbered!  If it
occurs, our duty is to crush and destroy such bureaucratic
machine since it is not a Party any longer, but a monster that
must be dismantled.  What did Chairman Mao tell us on this
matter?  He said, we atheists have only one divinity, the masses;
we invoke those Gods in order for them to hear us so when that
happens exploitation will be eliminated.  We must forge our
militants with this view today more than ever, and even more so

The masses clamor to organize the rebellion.  Therefore, the
Party, its leaders, cadres and militants have an urgent
obligation and destiny: to organize the disorganized force of the
masses and this will only be accomplished with arms in hands.
The masses must be armed gradually, part by part, until the
arming of the entire people and when this comes about there will
be no more exploitation on earth.

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