Armed Struggle Begins.

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[Part 7. Speech delivered by President Gonzalo, PCP]


In this magnificent epic of world history, our people along with
the Latin American working classes and masses have a role to
play. This role is being fulfilled. Our people begin to seize
power through armed struggle. It is hundreds of years of struggle
in which the peasant movements have shaken the foundation of
exploitation, but they have not been able to uproot
it as yet. In this country the Communist Party was forged as pure
steel. It brought light to the people by upholding
Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse-tung Thought. Comrades, in this country
we are embarking into a third epoch.

The third epoch is a battle between armed revolution and armed
counter-revolution, which are prepared for violence.
Counter-revolution with its old and bloody violence, peace at the
hands of bayonets, their damned wars that annihilate people in
the prisons, schools, factories, in the countryside,
and even assassinating children with hunger and misery in their
maternal wombs.

Today, that sinister violence meets its match. The revolutionary
violence prepares to take up the battle in arms. Our people with
a rich history are finally embarking to the final chapter, the
completion of the democratic period of the revolution. The masses
tremble, the flood tide rises, and the storm approaches. Reaction
in this country as well as in the world, also dreams of soaking
the revolution with blood and fire, drown it in blood.
These are old, dark, and violent dreams.

They are not facing the same situation as yesterday. Time has
passed and bureaucratic capitalism has matured the revolution.
The agrarian laws promulgated by the regimes have been failures
one after another, and the peasants have understood the lesson:
nothing will be given to them, nothing will derive from a law.
The land must be conquered by their own armed hands.

The working class is more aggressive, mature. It has a higher
level of consciousness, is numerically larger, politically more
powerful, and much stronger than in the past. The popular masses
has grown in our country.

The petty bourgeoisie is being proletarianized. It has no other
destiny than to serve the revolution and put itself at the
disposal of the proletariat. Its only course of action is to
serve the revolution according to the dictates of
the working class and to forcefully fight behind the road paved
by the Party. This is good to remember, because from this
experience we should particularly win over the intellectuals. As
Mariategui has already shown us, the masses must be mobilized and
only in this manner will we will fulfill our role and serve the
great battle that history has arranged for us.

Comrades, we have concluded that we are embarking into the third
epoch of contemporary Peruvian society. But just as yesterday,
when we expounded upon the two moments of contemporary Peruvian
history as part of the process of the development of bureaucratic
capitalism in this country, some condemned us and rejected our
thesis and ideals with insolence and contemptible accusations of
infantilism. We are putting forth today, with a clear and precise
vision, that our country enters a third epoch. This thesis
will also be subjected to misunderstanding. But it is no longer
possible to condemn us with childish labels of infantilism,
because this time, history has shown us to be right in many
things, and they will also learn lessons [Trans. refers to the
two line struggle within the Party]. Nevertheless, it is
not easy for our accusers to easily accept and comprehend it. It
requires convincing deeds, concrete actions that pound into their
hard heads and shatter their speculation to pieces, so that they
also may carry the reality of this country in their spirits.

The understanding of the third epoch is key to the advance of our
people. What does the third epoch imply? It implies the
revolution, the people with arms in hands begin to seize power,
that reaction with 400 years of exploitation, added to the
exploitation of other epochs. Comrades, we should think clearly,
400 years of foreign oppression, a vile slave system
that continues to subsist today, a state which although weak,
still has force, implies that reaction will try to contain us and
oppose the advance of the revolution. It is well known by
materialists that what exists refuses to die; reaction exists and
therefore refuses to die. It is an unburied corpse but it
protests, negates, resists, and attacks with fury and
desperation, opposing its placement into a casket for its burial.

Thus, we must understand that the revolutionary struggle will be
hard, violent and cruelly contested by reaction. They will send
their sinister army armed to the teeth to fight us, assaulting
the working class, the peasants and popular masses, spreading
their sinister claws. They will try to encircle, isolate, crush
and wipe us out. But we are the future, the strength,
and the history.

Comrades, revolution and counterrevolution are also contending
forces in our country. They are two parts of a unity of opposites
in constant struggle.

The reactionaries are armed and concentrated, defending the
metropolis and capitals. We are rooted in the countryside, in
small villages, with the masses, especially with the poor
peasants, with the force of the people, among their disorganized
force in order to organize it into a powerful army. But this will
not be easy. The dark, sinister armies of reaction will
fight against us, mount powerful aggressions and great
offensives. We will respond in kind, splitting them, making them
fall apart, and converting their offensives into a multitude of
our small offensives. Therefore, those who encircle will be
encircled, the would-be annihilators will be
annihilated, the would-be victors will be defeated and the beast
will finally be corralled. As we have been taught, the clamor of
our armed voices will make them tremble with terror. They will be
crushed by their own fears and be converted into scattered black

That is what will happen. This is the way it is, Comrades.
Nevertheless, the fight will be hard, long, difficult and cruel.
We need to steel our spirits, be strong, vigorous, fearless and
confident in our victory. May the
confidence of victory dwell in our hearts in as much as we serve
the people and class. The problem is to initiate the armed
struggle with decisiveness and firmness. We must deploy it and
populate the land with our flags and with sonorous actions that
history will record. Comrades, our people are embarking on the
seizure of power with arms. We are launching the most
magnificence march that our country has ever seen before. Nothing
like this will ever be seen again. It will be truly remarkable.
This is what we will do! The people, the class, and the
proletariat demands it. We can not and must not fail.

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