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Thu May 16 23:12:16 MDT 1996

		For those in the New York area interested:

Brothers & Sisters:

The New York Metro Chapter of LPA is holding a meeting to discuss final
/resolutions for the June convention on Friday May 17, 1996 at 6:30PM at 220
East 23rd Street Suite 709, NY NY 10010 between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

Following up on a day long conference we hosted in late April where northeast
regional reps of LPA chapters discussed the draft platform and constitution,
are expecting to draft a few resolutions we would like to see introduced at

However, it is very apparent to us that re-inventing the wheel is wasteful
the committees will likely condense mutiple proposals on one subject into a
single resolution . We'd be grateful if other chapters that have already
resolutions to be introduced at the convention or who have submitted to the
constitution or program committees formal commentary on the constitution or
platform could post  these to this list  and/or email them to us.

I have noted the resolution on proportional representation that Ann Arbor has
submitted, as well as a series of resolutions that the SF Golden Gate Chapter
posted a while back. And of course there were Eric Lerner's comments on the

We will also post to this list any resolutions that come out of our May 17

In Solidarity,
Rob Spencer
Treasurer - NY Metro LPA
76042.2176 at"


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