rooters & shooters in Oz

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Fri May 17 00:33:36 MDT 1996

                Mr. MacLannan,

        A leftist who is pro-gun control, now THAT is unpredictable.  Oh, and
a leftist who associates guns with right-wing libertarianism - will the
novelty never cease?

        If you'll dry your eyes, moist from weeping over the slaughtered
of handgun violence, you'll note that I said I don't have a gun, and that I
live in a state with the strictest gun control laws in the US (NYC's are
tougher, but that's local).  FYI, I have never even thought my state's laws
to be harsh (well, until my friend's 22 target pistol was declared an
"assault weapon" - the thing has an enormous target barrel, and could no more
be used for "assault" than a musket, but that was just a passing silliness in
the law).

        The case I referred to was not some right wing gun-nut, but a guy
>from the projects who was informing for the cops.  He pissed somebody off and
they went to kill him.  He shot the cops and was acquitted.

        I'm not recommending it as a form of political action.  However,
practically, there is something to said for self-defense, or, more precisely,
the implicit presence of a capacity for the populace to make oppressions of
all kinds costly.  Now, it goes without saying that a handgun in the home is
far more likely to kill you than to save you, and that high-capacity
magazines for all weapons may indeed pose a hazard in and of themselves.
Moreover, it's not like any revolutionaries have any hope of out-gunning the
security apparatus for very long.  That being said, "by any means necessary"
is a somewhat less forceful point when those means are unlikely to amount to
anything more than a pointed stick.   Even Louis Proyect insists on
carrying a John Deere riding mower.

        Now I know you'd like me to jump either into the "libertarian" box,
or your own, but I'm afraid I can't oblige you.  I guess you will have to
face the dialectic, trembling with uncertainty.


p.s. That fellow Maclamb is a known hillbilly with an aversion to bathing.
His "gun" interest is the most tedious kind of repressed homosexuality.
His capacity for self-abuse is legend among the law enforcement community
and he is known as a well-liked, but whiny sexual submissive in the B+D
scene of the greater Phoenix area.

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