Greeting 16th anniversary of people's war in Peru

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Fri May 17 10:14:44 MDT 1996

A greeting at the 16th anniversary of the people's war in Peru

[Sent: 17.05.96]

On this day, when the people's war in Peru enters its seventeenth
year, I would like to extend revolutionary greetings to the comrades
of the Communist Party of Peru and to all those others in Peru who
are bravely engaging in armed combat in order to bring down the
reactionary government in that country and thus are making an
important contribution to the overthrow of imperialism in the whole
world. I join in that "electronic international toast" which  has
been proposed on this list. To the final victory of the Peruvian
revolution and to that of the international proletarian revolution!

Rolf Martens

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