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Fri May 17 13:56:49 MDT 1996

Louis P writes:

>What difference does it make what Mazzochi wants?

In four words: the difference of leadership.

Louis goes on to give an example of a movement around the Moratorium whose
leadership was contested and won by Marxists. Only he characterizes this
process as hijacking, making it into a spur of the moment adventure.

A better way of seizing opportunities is working to build strongholds in
the class struggle and consolidate them, so that when opportunities come,
you are in a position to make some lasting strategic gains.

However, Louis does point out indirectly the dialectics of the current
situation -- a mobilization under way that, seen from the perspective of
the ruling class and its agents, *needs* to be headed off.

So if revolutionary Marxists can focus on the mobilization and raise issues
that articulate the needs of the class and solutions for them, they will be
in a position both to contest the political leadership of the new Labor
Party (the organizational leadership will be *unassailable*, at least
initially) and to build a rival revolutionary leadership among the most
militant and politically advanced sections of the class.



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