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Kurma kbevans at
Fri May 17 14:48:21 MDT 1996

		Mr. Daum,

	Mazzocchi has insisted that the LP run no candidates *in '96 or '97*,
not forever.  Since the Labor Party is now only the Labor Party Advocates,
having a convention, not to choose candidates, but to form itself this
summer, it seems reasonable not to run candidates, until you have a party to
run them from.  Yet, even this proposal for restraint has met with intense
opposition, and it looks as though the LP will begin running candidates for
local office in '97 (given local conditions of no strong Democrat to split
the labor vote).

	Furthermore, it would not be a sop if intelligent people like you
would use the initial curiosity about the new "party" to explain the
importance of proletarian unity, unions, and the *positive* role a labor
party could play in those.

	Americans don't even have a clue what a labor party is.  People like
you can teach them.  This is not advanced academics where one searches for
"the truth", this is Political Economy 101.


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