re-socialism or barbarism?

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Fri May 17 19:04:41 MDT 1996

re-socialism or barbarism?

Engels wrote to Joseph Bloch (21-22 Sept. 1890):

"History is made in such a way that the final result always arises
>from conflicts between many individual wills, of which each in turn
has been made what it is by a host of particular conditions of life. Thus
there are innumerable intersecting forces, an infinite series of
parallelograms of forces which give rise  to one resultant - the
historical event. This may again be viewed as the product of a power
which works as a whole *unconsciously* and without volition. For what
each individual wills is obstructed by everyone else, and what emerges is
something that no one willed."


1. My point was not to denigrate socialism, but to question the either/or
terms in which it's juxtaposed with barbarism.

2. History is necessity. (Trotskyists - who would be lost without the
word IF - will disagree.)

3. The barbaric aspects of the social reforms mentioned by Joe K. -
e.g.. social security, unemployment insurance, etc. - lie in the fact that
they were restricted to citizens of the United States.


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