Revolutionaries act in a principled fashion!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat May 18 10:34:26 MDT 1996

The only real credentials communists can have is acting in a principled way
and stand for those things they claim to be their ideology.

Hugh, your step is not any better then the present war going on between the
maoist factions. In fact far worse. The ivory tower in actions showed that
they are prepared to gag people and act like cops on the Internet..

Then they made the rules up afterwards to enforce what they had done in

The maoists scream and call each other names. But you my friend have put
your self in the swamp.

Your only chance now is to think wisely and try and take yourself out of the
swamp. If and when you get back on principled dry ground, then perhaps any
thing you say here will believed. Until then Hugh, you are in big trouble.

And the others on this list who have quietly stood by and watched this while
posting to both lists are even worse then Hugh. Because you people have put
tape over your own mouths.

Good luck comrades, But you will never lead anything anywhere. Because when
the pressure is really turned up, lets say like in Peru today, you will be
whinning little cowards, who peacefully accept anything the Fujimoras of the
world hand out to you..

malecki in exile


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