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Sat May 18 21:44:47 MDT 1996


     Since you and Bob are once again going on and on about the existence
of M2, I just thought I'd state my position on the matter, which I haven't
done yet. In case you're not aware, I'm the one who spoke against the
epulsion of you, Boddhi, and Malecki from M2, since it was contrary to what
I thought was the spirit of the l*st. This is the case even though I think
I have yet to see the first worthwhile post from any of the three of you,
although you (Hugh) at least could say something worthwhile if you ever
pull your head out of your ass, as Lou Proyect has been urging you to do.

I opposed the creation of the l*st, since the last thing I wanted was any
possibility of a divorce between theory and practice. Even before that, my
only reason for getting into the whole war in the first place was not for
myself, since I was perfectly happy to delete messages I found
uninteresting, but rather because people I thought were worth talking to
were leaving. Once the l*st started, I subbed anyway, since many (not all)
of the people worth talking to were moving to it, and it seemed that M1 was
moribund, having degenerated into a morass of accusation and
counteraccusation (as it did again recently in the black vomit affair).
Even though I disagree with the principles its formation was based on,
since it exists and I joined it, it seems obvious that I shouldn't try to
subvert its existence. Obviously, its stated purview is precisely the same
as that of M1, so the only reason for its existence is to keep certain
people from participating in the discussion, a reason that would be
insupportable if not for certain reprehensible acts by said people. That
being the case, cross-posting entire discussions between the l*sts is
simply an attempt underhandedly to subvert the existence of the l*st, in
effect unmaking the decision that the fifty-odd people who went to M2 made.
That is the reason you were thrown out, an action I didn't support but do
understand. I have no idea why Boddhi was unsubbed, and I can't think of
anything he did that warranted it. Malecki of course at least needs to be
taught the elementary courtesy of not posting the same goddamned thing 50

To sum up: at every stage of the game, I was very much at odds with the
philosophy of M2, but I think the only legitimate way to fight that is
head-on. I have done so, when I thought decisions, such as the
aforementioned unsubbings, were done in a bureaucratic and arbitrary
manner. Needless to say, such unsubbing constitutes neither an infringement
of freedom of speech nor a dastardly attempt by the world intelligentsia to
muzzle the Lion of Sweden.

Right now, neither list is worth a plugged nickel, but at least M2 doesn't
fill my in-box with garbage every day.


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