Kangaroo courts and cops!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun May 19 00:08:55 MDT 1996

I have left the discussion list of marxism at Jefferson village.

In creating the M2 list:

I protest their secret trials of people and their secret expulsions.

I protest their rule of not discussing the history of the creation of the
list on pain of expulsion.

I protest their making up rules to pass a little cliche of ivory tower
intellectuals led by the elegant Baroness Von Lisa.

Anybody who defends the principle of "workers democracy" can not stand by
and watch first the creation of this list with the above mentioned
ingredients and then the making of a rule not to discuss the history of the
creation of the list.

As far as M1 is concerned. I have found the discussions both interesting and
stimulating. However, by being silent to the Kangaroo courts and cop
mentality that exists at Jefferson village, you have shown yourselves
incapable of defending elementry democratic rights.

I by leaving the list say no to kangaroo courts and cops on Internet!

Some of the people have in a quiet manner accepted the new norm of rules
generated by a cliche of people who,s actions have placed themselves
squarely on the side of Clinton and the popes attempts to gag free speech on
the Internet. Others have through their actions proved that their
credentials are only in word and not in deed. In fact cowards of the first

I intend to boycott the marxist list as long as the creation of groups and
rules which keep people from openly and freely discussing issues confronting
poor and working class people today are bureaucratically stopped by lists
that are created by kangaroo courts with secret trials and secret expulsions
come to and end.

Futhermore i declare that the M2 group has put up a big sign on their door
which reads:

Poor and Working class people,Don,t bother!

Any people who want to join this list should remember. That there is a
secret cliche that decides who lives and who dies. They hold secret trials
and secret executions. You have no right to defend yourself.
You have know right to discuss the history and creation of the list.
On pain of being expelled!

Warm Regards
malecki in exile...

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