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Dear friends,

The organizational structures of the LPA Party are weighted so that votes of
union officials "delegations" will count 20X or more than LPA chapter
individuals or at large members.
This will insure that the AFL/CIO union apparatuses who bankroll this outfit
be able to keep control of things lock stock and barrel. At laest this may
insure their
hegemony as long as the level of class struggle is low level and passive ,
situations the AFL  and LPA  with their panaceas in impotent boycotts and
bourgeois election mystifications want to maintain.

THe AFL/CIOs Sweeney  stated a few months back that he is constantly kept
abreast  of developements to build LPA and is satisfied. Now this coming from
the chieftain of  the labor-lieutenant  force who has already given over to the
Democrats near $40 million this year so far. No wonder some forces are wondering
whether this LPA party is not just another ploy to keep workers thinking
they can trust the AF of Hell-- and not organize their own battles against the
capitalists and the state which is the real urgent task of this period  of huge
anti-workers offensive .
 Beating back This offensive of capital  needs the unity in mass actions by
union and non-union workers , employed and unemployed workers. Marxist workers
and activists can play a key role in this too.
The LPA scheme  seek s to hold the actual future mass motions back
and help  derail them.
The AFL/CIO bankrolls this operation and he/she that pays the pipers, calls the
If you want to look at the road these tunes lead too, look at Caterpillar,
Pittston, hormel, Phelps Dodge, Patco,  GM Van nuys, Flint, etc. et al.
This does not change when lifetime hack-Donkeys for the DP need to put on a
"labor" party mask.


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