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I'm very very interested in the mood and the ideological make-up of the
Russian proletariat. That will be the single most important indicator of
what the Soviet system did and did not achieve, and what it was and what it
was not.

Russian people, it seems to me, easily turn inward. Russian socialism was
very much linked with Russian nationalism throughout its history. Russian
socialist thought from 19th century on, was linked with the idea of
countering the "west". I view Lenin and Bolshevism, as also being a part of
the tradition starting with the Narodniks, as being a part of the Marxist

Is what you say below not a reflection of the Russian mold?

>There is no more urgent task now than to break up the international
isolation  >of the Soviet proletariat who is, virtually, terra incognita
both within
>and without the country.

I sense that Russian socialism's next revival will involve again a clash
between those that see a need to provide a "Slav" answer to the West, and
link it with socialism in some way; and those that take a more direct class

Conceptually, I use the terms "historical" and "social" dynamics as
describing two separate aspects of revolutionary consciousness, interwined
in varying degrees. For example, historical as in the sense of say the Kurds
here, who have been historically oppressed. But social, as most Kurds are
members of the proletariat and the peasantry.

The dominance of historical dynamics in a movement results in riots, not
revolutions. But ignoring the historical currents, injustices and feelings
will result in an apolitical rejection because "it does not go by the book".



I will try to get the International Center for Trade Union Rights involved
in this. I may or may not convince them. If the Center does not get
involved, I'll contact individual national member committees. But, this is a
trade-union rights organisation, not a communist organisation. From them, we
can get an appeal for protecting the democratic rights of the Russian
workers'. (Which includes, the right to organise, to strike, to work, to
disseminate their ideas; all of which I believe are threatened, and suppressed)

I'll also contact organisations participating in the Intercontinental
Encounter Against Neo-Liberalism.

I'll also contact some individual organisations in some other countries we
have connections with.

But, work to do;
1. We must write the declaration ourselves, otherwise it's not practical.
2. We must have contact places in Russia

Also, I suggest we carry on the practical aspects off-list from now on. Any
fellow list member interested can get in touch with you. We can post news &

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