16 years of the People's War in Peru

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>I wonder what the Peru congnoscenti make of the article in today's
>(Sunday's) New York Times tracing Fujimori's declining popularity? The
>drift of the article is that while repressing "terrorists" was easy, now
>the despot has to deliver on health, education, and incomes.
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Fujimori regime is like a Stolypin regime, a regime of reaction. Using the
knout and the gallows, the concentration camp and the strategic hamlets,
death squads and military occupation, you can restore for a while a
semblance of "peace", the peace of the cemmetery!.  However, since it is a
reactionary anti-people's regime is natural that any promises it would made
of resolving the problems that drove the people to rebel in the first place
will soon begin to ring hollow.

Just like with the period of Stolypin reaction (between the 1905 and the
1917 revolution) which lasted from 1908 to 1812 (if I am not mistaken -
correct me if I am wrong), that is, for around three years, this Fujimori
regime has now started to roll down hill and the people, to take again the
road of rebellion with a vengeance!.  The People's War never stopped, but no
one can deny that today it is entering a higher stage.  About time too!


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