16 years of the People's War in Peru

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Sun May 19 14:01:09 MDT 1996

>>Fujimori regime is like a Stolypin regime, a regime of reaction. Using the
>>knout and the gallows, the concentration camp and the strategic hamlets,
>>death squads and military occupation, you can restore for a while a
>>semblance of "peace", the peace of the cemmetery!.  However, since it is a
>>reactionary anti-people's regime is natural that any promises it would made
>>of resolving the problems that drove the people to rebel in the first place
>>will soon begin to ring hollow.
>Is this just a list you always trot out or is it meant literally? I haven't
>heard of concentration camps and strategic hamlets in Peru. Are there any?

I recommend you have a look at the fact there are 14,000 political
prisoners, the Universities are occupied by the armed forces and students
have to walk through army patrols to get to classes, many major urban areas
are patrolled by armed and hooded military, when prisoners demand their
rights, even the prisons are attacked by cannon fire and helicopters.  In
the highlands 600 thousand ronderos (paramilitaryies) and hundreds of
strategic hamlets under theirs and the armed forces control have been
established as early as 1982-84 and continue to be set up.  There are quite
a few US bases in the Peruvian jungle too under the guise of war against
narcotics, who use agent orange and defoliants against the rural population.
Sorry that you were not informed before, Rahul.

There is a good video "People of the Shining Path" which was shown in
British TV (Channel 4) which can give you a good idea of this situation.


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