India and the BJP

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Mon May 20 00:12:33 MDT 1996

As the left over here treats India as an unknown continent I would like to
warmly second Rakesh's suggestions.

I remember ex-fellow list member David McInerney is preparing a paper with
the title "Partha Chatterjee and the Inner Space of Indian Tradition", based
on the ciritical review of the book by Partha Chatterjee, _The Nation and
Its Fragments: Colonial and Postcolonial Histories_, Princeton University
Press, Princeton, 1993. He certainly could contribute to this topic.

Rakesh, I think this a good occasion to approach David once again.


At 15:53 19.05.1996 -0800, djones at (rakesh bhandari) wrote:

>What is the Indian left now doing to prevent the catastrophes to be
>engineered by the BJP?
>Here are questions for the theorists of cultural studies: how has the BJP
>mobilized the meanings and symbolism of Hinduism; here is an opportunity to
>draw from the lessons of our fascism seminar; here is an opportunity to
>analyze the connections between caste, gender, nationalism, religion and
>class; here is an opportunity to analzye the reactions to the failed modern
>project represented by the Congress Party and see what the sociology of
>modernity has to offer; here indeed is an opportunity to deepen our
>understanding of the crisis of world capitalism, the impact of
>liberalizations and the role of politics in the age of propaganda.
>I find myself quite not up to the task of analysis.
>If Rahul or Siddharth or anyone else has thoughts, please begin the

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