Cuba, a new Vietnam?

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Mon May 20 01:12:10 MDT 1996


Bob Dole, the republican party has been down to the Cuban exile community in
Florida beating his chest and war drum again.

Once again we are here the tonfalls of the McCarthy era and the big
communist threat crap. Dole has said that he is "going to put and end to the
Castro era" in Cuba.

Well, i think Bob Dole does not realise whats he is getting into. Naturally
a military victory when push comes to shove against the Cubans would over a
period of time be a certainy. The military power that the Republicans could
send against Cuba is certainly a formiddable force.

But, Cuba is not a banana republic and there are hundresd of thousands if
not millions of determined people on the island who could make this military
adventure for Dole a very expensive operation. Especially in the form of
lives of poor and working class people. Just like in Vietnam.

But there is also a difference here. The war will certainly not be fought
thousands of miles away in asia, but in Cuba which is only 90 miles from the US.

This means that the war could be a gurrilla war in Cuba against a determined
enemy which will defend its right to independence. And it will be a war
carried into the cities of America.

There are millions of people that will not allow Bob Dole to just play the
Teddy Roosevelt of the 90ties. In fact it will be war in the streets of America.

The real goal of the rich and powerful in America is to get back what they
lost. The fruit and sugar companies and the casinos. They want to turn Cuba
into a turist paradise for the rich. Well, it can and will be a very
expensive victory if they try it.

Defend the Cubans right to Independence!

Make it known that any military adventures ala bob Dole McCarthyisn is going
to me once again bringing the American people to the point of civil war.

Make it know that their are millions of people all over the world that
remember what the rich and powerful tried to do in Vietnam. We will not
allow you to try it again without a real fight...

malecki in exile

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