Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon May 20 04:45:33 MDT 1996

Dear List,
The below letter is worth more to me then all of Aldolfo,s documents and the
principles show by other people on the marxist list. So i send it to you for
your information..

malecki in exile....

Boycott the marxist discussion list at Jefferson village!

>hey robert malecki! seems like me and u are the black sheep of the marxism
>list cuz they cant keep us in line. its cuz we dont have all their fancy
>education of rich white kids from the burbs. so they can start attackin us
>like we are the enemy & forgettin who the real enemy is - just cuz we mispel
>a few words! so thats the way it is. im just a young kid but i know a bunch
>of snobs when i see em & this marxist list is real full of snobby people who
>are actually not at all into revolution cuz theyre too selfsatisfied in their
>academic posts. they dont want me to talk sex revolution. they wanna shut my
>mouth. well ill see you around i just thot id drop you a line and say i think
>yr book is real brilliant and like i wanna know if i can contribute maybe
>some of my sex diaries which tell about my life here in san francisco to the
>next issue of cockroach. ciao4now, yr friend, mimi

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