Turkey - What can we do?

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at turk.net
Mon May 20 02:56:07 MDT 1996

>                Comrade Zeynep, et al,
>        Besides writing to the usual dignitaries, is there any particular
>economic action that would send a message to the fascists in Turkey from the
>West?   Are there any particular American and/or European companies that have
>a large presence in Turkey?   What about exports?  What industries are
>coddling this regime?


Actually, Turkey is now entered into Customs Union with EU, and every
multi-nation worth their blood is already well established. So there is no
selective action possible, as in Shell with Nigeria. Turkey is rather
medium-developed capitalistic country, and has a wide range of industries in
many areas.

Also, I personally still can't help boycott some products and companies, but
I think politically it is very rarely of use. The computer I'm using might
have ruined the eyes of young Korean or Taiwenese girls, who knows the
conditions of labor used to produce the clothes I wear?

So while I share your feelings and urge to boycott, and for example while I
still can't help but get a sense of nausea over Nestle because what they did
in India, I have a first-hand awareness of the conditions of many other
products in Turkey, the list is unlimited, so it is a dead-end.

Anyway, thanks for the question. It may be relevant in some strike-actions.

And also, just spreading the news is important.

As for "dignitaries" I think we'll only come clean of the blood the world is
awash with, when they are, so to speak, eliminated.


P.S. Yellow Rose? If ever the situation comes up that I'm asked how I know
of that place, I'll inform the owner of the question, that, as a matter of
fact, I've learned it on a Marxism list. We might have a lot of eager

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