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Mon May 20 11:30:25 MDT 1996

At 12:13 PM 5/20/96, SCOTT R MCLEMEE wrote:

>          Or  shouldn't  that  be  rather:   "Something  like  a   kind  of
>          dialectical vagueness, perhaps."

Don't forget the "as such." "Something like a kind of dialectical
vagueness, perhaps, as such."

>          It took some months of constant effort to lose  the compulsion to
>          write like that; to learn to produce a sentence of under 30 words
>          cost me more effort than it is pleasing to recall.  Think of it.
>          Thousands of our comrades-in-armchairs think not only that it  is
>          *absolutely necessary* to mutter so, but even *desirable.*  "They
>          muddy  the water," as Nietzsche says,  "to  make  it  seem deep."

Great line. Where'd he say that?



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