Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Mon May 20 15:02:08 MDT 1996

Louis P. writes:

>Passive voice example: "It can be stated that the
>Socialist Workers Party is the revolutionary continuity of Lenin's
>Bolshevik party." Elimination of passive voice example: "Socialist Workers
>Party members believe that the SWP is the revolutionary continuity of
>Lenin's Bolshevik party."

Well, this is as clear an example as ever I have seen of the crisis of
leadership in the word processing community.  Any WP worth its salt
would know that the correct reformulation is "The SWP is the revo-
lutionary continuity of Lenin's Boshevik Party."

You should see if you can get a copy Barnes95.  It updates a lot of
the errors found in the old SWP software back when they were still
working with the Trotsky API.

-- Matt "Bugs? I thought those were supposed to be features!" D.

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