Queen Victoria Day in Canada!

zodiac zodiac at interlog.com
Mon May 20 15:47:10 MDT 1996

Yes, it's a worker holiday in Canada! In honor of Queen Victoria!

Hearing there was going to be some sort of parade through the heart of
Toronto (seat of the Imperial Dominion, y'know!), we walked over to see...
wondering who the hell, other than the Orange Men, would be there.

No one!

I mean, Yonge St was almost as dead as Queen Vicky herself.

Recently the mainstream media covered the "royal visit" of that royal
arsehole Prince Charles to the country. They wrote gushingly about his
"royal charm". Sheesh.

The only reason these ridiculous British Imperial traditions remain in
this country is because removing them sets off an enormous political
squabble between the Canadian bourgeoisie in the various provinces --
especially in Quebec. (The Quebec bourgeoisie tried to block the
repatriation of the Canadian constitution from England in the early 1980s.
It created the sad situation of these Anglo-defiant nationalists
petitioning Queen Liz to stop Prime Minister Trudeau from bringing the
constition home.)

They all get so flustered at each other they start threatening to destroy
the country -- which causes international finance to panic and pull out
and the dollar plunges, and then the squabblers all shut up for a while.

 Long live the Queen!
 She ain't no human being!


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