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Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Mon May 20 15:57:46 MDT 1996

>As garbled as it may be, I think you've proven Mimi's point.  Are those of us
>who refuse to mount the intellectual high horse, considered unworthy of this

Jena, I find it quite remarkable that you can actually believe Mimi has a
point. It seems to me that there is a difference between "nonintellectual"
and "idiotic and contentless." It seems to me that the people who are
always ready to jump on people like Malecki and Mimi as being "authentic
working class voices" or some such thing are being far more condescending
to the (uneducated part of the) proletariat than those of us who believe
that they can be held to logical and factual standards just like the
so-called "educated classes." I'm also amazed that people like Louis P and
I, who consistently rip on the intellectual snobs, get accused of belonging
to the same company when we merely ask for a little sense, maybe even
something worth listening to. BTW, I never said Mimi or anyone else was
"unworthy of this list," I merely asked her to say something substantive.

Thanks for the info about Annie Sprinkle also, although from what you've
said I still don't know enough to differentiate her from Xaviera Hollander.
What exactly has been achieved by her particular version of feminism? This
is not a rhetorical question.


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