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Mon May 20 20:10:46 MDT 1996

Dear Mimi;

                  I think it is fine to discuss vanguardism, or even the
irrelevant asshole-led "leftist" parties that
overpopulate the domestic political landscape.

                  I am puzzled, though, by your one purposive political act;
namely, the placing of cat feces in
cereal boxes.  Don't you know its primarily children under the age of 10 who
consume box cereals.  And,
especially, children in families with incomes under $15,000.   So, it seems
to me that the people you are
"punishing" (and possibly making ill) are...children, who bear no
responsibility for the ills that you are
raging furiously against.

                  It seems to me that a more productive protest against
supermarkets was one that the Building Trades
performed in Massachusetts against the (then) non-union Purity Supreme.
Several dozen unionists would go
into a store on a Thursday or Friday evening (at precisely the busiest time)
stock several shopping carts each,
order voluminous quantities of custom-sliced deli meats and other specialty
items, and then...walk out.  After
about three or four of these "visits", management  got the message.  This
was done in conjunction with
an aggressive leafleting campaign and computer generated phone calls to the
home store's toll free number
(27,000 calls in three days).  Such tactics work for specific campaigns.
They are carefully planned, with clearly
delineated goals, the rank-and-file membership is fully involved and
motivated, and the campaign is wholly
results oriented.   It takes organizing and deep roots among working people,
and of course, resources.   In short,
some form of political organization, which seems to be anathema to you and

                   Of course, boycotts and campaigns are of only limited
value, and they are no substitutes for strikes
and later, armed actions.   All meaningful work, however, requires
organizing, organizing, organizing, and the
sinking of deep, principled roots in the working class.  Sexual picadillos
and sundry forms of anti-social
tom-foolery have their time and place among people of a certain age and
outlook.  However, shorn of a clear, disiciplined social goal, they tend to
degenerate into just another form of non-threatening non-conformity.

                   And who does that really benefit?

                                                             Louis Godena

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