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Tue May 21 04:21:30 MDT 1996

Recently there has been some discussion on the list regarding the
question of "vanguardism".

There must be revolutionary leadership. Does anyone seriously suggest
that it is possible to overthrow the ruling class without leadership.

Denying the necessity of revolutionary leadership is to oppose the
objective necessity of revolution. Denying the necessity of a party of
the proletariat constructed along Leninist lines is to deny the necessity
of proletarian leadership of the revolution.

The proletariat and masses must seize power through revolutionary war,
under the leadership of an authentic communist party and establish their
rule, their dictatorship. And having established the proletarian
dictatorship it is necessary to continue making revolution until all
vestiges of class society have been wiped out and communism shines all
across the globe.

Experience has repeatedly shown that without the leadership of a
Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party the revolution cannot be victorious.

Presidente Gonzalo teaches that three things are essential to all
proletarian revolutions:

	1.	Marxism-Leninism-Maoism
	2.	Communist Party
	3.	People's War

If there is to be revolution there must be a revolutionary party!

	Towards revolutionary advances,


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