Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Tue May 21 13:44:50 MDT 1996


>Rahul's says that "underneath all the [Mimi's] incoherence Ö there's a germ
>of a political thesis" but doesn't discuss the "germ" (the topic of
>vanguardism) because his feelings are hurt by her attack on Lenin, so he
>has to set her straight about that right now.

Ang, you shouldn't talk about things of which you know nothing. Even a
cursory perusal of the list archives will show that I'm about the last
person on the list to be hurt by someone attacking Lenin. In fact, aside
>from a few departed anarchists, I'm about the only one who has attacked the
St. Paul of Marxism. Rest assured, I will get around to discussing this
topic; I merely wanted Mimi to try a little harder to formulate her ideas.

I notice you didn't give us your thoughts on the topic either.


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