MIM and Don Adolfo

ROSSERJB at jmu.edu ROSSERJB at jmu.edu
Tue May 21 16:11:43 MDT 1996

     Well, we have seen things get crazier and crazier,
but the latest declaration by MIM seems like it definitely
needs to go onto Chris Burford's couch toute de suite, if
he uses a couch.
     It is my understanding that, for all his self-promotion
as a global spokesman, Don Adolfo is not even a PCP member.
Am I wrong about that?  If so, then why on earth is (are?)
MIM "taking orders" from him about anything regarding the PCP?
     Also, once we have reached the level of alleged "quintuple
dealing," well, this is quite something.  To whom or what does
this refer?  Whew!  This makes the presentations of "ciao 4 now"
mimi seem like those of Rosa Luxemburg, if not Marx himself.
Barkley Rosser (notorious patriarch, :-))

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