The Mimi factor (1)

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Tue May 21 17:43:22 MDT 1996

The irruption of Mimi on to the list has provoked quite a rush of adrenalin
(or should that be testosterone´?).

So I'd like to raise a few points.

The first is whether I should have written 'Mimi'.

We're such a gullible bunch here, no one suspected a hoax.

However, there are one or two things pointing in that direction.

Mimi is very articulate despite the spelling and so on. She also goes for
the jugular in lashing out at academics in a way that makes you think she's
been around the list for ages and knows what (and who) to home in on.

The attacks on parties and leadership are clear and well-aimed. For a
youngster that's a well-prepared brief.

The give-away might well have been the cat-shit campaign. Someone as
well-rehearsed in academic-bashing and anti-party anti-leadership polemics
would surely be aware that the inadequate supply of cat-shit would have
made the extension of the campaign beyond the immediate family circle a
dodgy proposition.

Also the juxtaposition of cat-shit and cornflakes seems like a sort of
suburban revenge fantasy more than an innercity rage ritual. Fabulous Furry
Freak Brothers stuff -- Fat Freddy's Cat!

And why would an anarcho-feminist rrriot grrrl even bother to cross swords
with a bunch of fuddy-duddy machos on a marxism list? Putting myself in
anarcho-feminist shoes for a second, I could think of more rewarding things
to do and better places to spend my time.

So who would want to and be able to spoof us this way?

Well, an anarchist politically speaking. A professional rhetorician for the
art that conceals art and creates 'Mimi's' articulate inarticulacy. Maybe a
Berkeley connection? Someone with an uncomfortable relationship to sexual
liberation movements and young women?

Well, that gives us three potential hoaxters, with various bits fitting,
and other bits not.

1) BodySack -- playing a cute double game of polemicizing with himself. But
the way out rhetoric and the West Coast make it a bit alien for him really.

2) Peter B from m2. A devilish Jesuitical spoof? But how anarchistic is
market socialism?

3) Come on, Bryan, own up! I'm not sure about the West Coast or sexlib
bits, but 'Mimi' is a great vehicle for an anarcho-rhetorician to let it
all hang out! We've had the Manifesto, I can't wait for the Grundrisse to
put in an appearance!

There's also the possibility that Alan Sokal is relaxing with us after his
tour de force with Social Text.



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