Hugh? Why me?

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Tue May 21 17:44:43 MDT 1996


On reflection, I'm not surprised you jumped when I wrote about you and Mimi
drawing us on. As they say in Sweden, I should have 'thought after before'.

You ask:

>What the hell is the connection between Mimi and me?

The connection is the allusion to the German poet Goethe and his famous
line about the eternal feminine drawing us onward. Rahul spotted it. So the
connection is that you are both women. Also you both have fire in your
bellies and speak your minds. There the similarities stop, and no more were

I brought in Goethe for a bit of perspective back into the Enlightenment
and the Bourgeois revolution. It was also intended a bit ironically to
juxtapose a classical literary 'beautiful soul' view of woman with the two
very different non-classical and non-literary views of women in action that
you and Mimi provide.

>>Finally, since you send us all 'a big revolutionary hello from the love and
>>sex rebellion in san francisco', you might like to know there's a party in
>>Turkey popularly known as the Love and Revolution Party.
>I don't support that party, not because of their name, because I don't think
>they are good at either. They talk a lot, but most of them watch any action
>from afar. (I'll concede it is composed of factions, so there are a few

I think you joined the list after a brief exchange I had with the USec
concerning the characterization of this party in their press (or rather
utter vagueness and lack of characterization), so you couldn't know the
degree of irony behind the suggested coupling of Mimi and them.

I had no intention of associating you with them, and I should have made
that clear given the Turkey connection.

>Watch it fella!

Warning taken.

Cleverdick = lame dick.



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