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Pete pfarr at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Wed May 22 05:51:44 MDT 1996

Anybody know how we can see this film on the West coast?

Oakland, CA

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>This announcement ran in the 1996 3rd issue of New York STREET NEWS:
>"Paris in December" "What the mainstream media did not tell you about the
>French Strikes on December 95.  What has happened in France is directly
>related to what has been happening right here to the U. S. worker.  This show
>takes a thorough look at the bold move of French workers standing up to the
>neoliberal agenda of privatization, deregulation and free trade.  With Host
>Janine Jackson and original footage from the December 95 strike in France.
> On CUNY TV Channel 75: Wednesday May 22, 1996 at 8 am, 12 noon, 5 pm, 10 pm
>& 1 am, Saturday May 25, 1996 at 7:30 pm and Sunday May 26, 1996 at 10 am.
> On MNN Channel 34: Wednesday May 29, 1996 at 7 pm."
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