Deconstructing Libidinal Proclivities

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Wed May 22 11:49:57 MDT 1996

I understand that Stephen is expanding the post below into a full-length
article for the next issue of Social Text with the title "Deconstructing
Libidinal Proclivities".

On Tue, 21 May 1996, Stephen E Philion wrote:

> I agree.  It would be a really radical and cool idea to take a shower in
> front of the white house, with as many people as you could find to do it
> with.  This would have remarkable deconstructive capacities, not to
> mention deconstructive potential.  The point is that it is generally
> thougbht of, in capitalist patriarchical suburbs that a woman should be
> virtuous and understand privacy to be central to her unreconstructed
> identity, both theoretically and from the vantage of relative praxis as
> well.  Therefore, while burning down the white house might result in
> "their" (here i have a problem, pardon the tangent, since this reference
> of mimi's to "they" sems leader obsessive, objectifying the leader,
> whereas if we simply refused to objectify the leader in the ideational
> realm, there would be no leaders and ipso facto, no capitalist
> patriarchy) rebuilding it, the white house that is.
> But the sight of one or two , or maybe a bunch of mimis taking a shower
> in front of the white house would certainly result in a deconstruction of
> our libidinal proclivities toward the state, capitalist patriarcy,and
> leader thirst.  The titilating aspects of the experiment would further
> upset the presumptions of virtuosity in the capitalist patriarchical
> suburb.  That would have impacts that could be felt both within and
> without, transcending the personal is political schema.  If this
> experiment could be repeated every once and a while, soon most everyone
> would see through the ideology of capitalist patriarchy that blinds most
> of the population, except those enlightened few, a la mimi and tiger
> girls, who are not leaders, just enlightened.
> If nothing else, well maybe capitalist patriarchy would still exist, but
> we could still have fun and that is a critical avenue to ending
> captialist patriarchy, tho even that phrase does seem a bit too serious
> for people who just wanna have fun.  why not, just forget about
> capitalitst patriarchy and just take a shower in front of the white
> house?
> ciao 4 now!  steve

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