Antifascist Alert: Fascism in Turkey

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Wed May 22 12:47:26 MDT 1996

Hello list,

Jan in his report of Irfan being shot in the street mentions a massacre of
political prisons.

I thought I'd also write what happenned then. This was last month.

I'm posting these information to the list, so that you understand the
situation here a bit more clearly. The international bourgeois media blocks
all news as such. Next time you read "Turkey on the verge of 21st century"
story, you'll know what's really happenning.

Jan writes:

>The rights of the people in Turkey are under a constant treath, the last
>moths alone, there was a massacre of political prisoners*, chopped off
>heads of antifascists where presented as a victory in the 'mainstream'
>media* and when it comes to torture and
>Human Rights abuse, Turkey is the champion*.

The gendarme came into the prison, moved into the prisoner's ward, and
attacked with *iron* rods, as oppossed to wooden or plastic ones normally in
use. The wooden or plastic ones just bruise you, for example you can't walk
straight for a few days if you get a good hit in the leg. They are used in
every demonstration. Anyway, they started beating the prisoners (all
political prisoners need I say) with those rods. They *smashed* the skulls
of three. They did not die of internal bleeding, as is often when they beat
someone up too much. They died because their skulls were smashed in.

The three they killed were chosen ones, it was not coincidental. They were
the leaders. They were well liked and courageous people.

The prisoners were able to put up barricades inside the prison, so they did
not manage to move into the next ward.

Right now, there is another hunger-strike going on in prisons. Sometimes,
the prisoners gain the upper-hand. Then, the officials of the prison can't
even go inside the political prisoners area. So, they attack try to gain the
upper hand again.

There is not a single day here that is not the anniversary of the murder of
anywhere up to 20-30 communists. One group made a book, with a page for all
their murdered comrades, and I think it was a few hundred pages.

Of course, then there is the war in the Southeast between the Kurdish
guerillas and the army. I have no clear numbers on those, but at least
thousands have died so far.


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