Sports and Marxism. More on Ken's posts.

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Wed May 22 23:00:46 MDT 1996

		To whom....,

	Mr. Cox has provided an uncharacteristically useful example of the
fallacy and grain of truth in the LTV.  He explains how a cultural dedication
to sport, like any industry, creates its own demand.  Detroit has a different
attitude towards the automobile than Montpelier, because so many there4
labor in its creation.  Detroit may think a little better of any given model,
at a given price, because her people know what hours went into that car.

	However, they have a saying in basketball : "You can't teach height".
While one might argue that the "labor" of sports creates its own
appreciation, no one can argue that Shaquille O'Neal's 7 feet and 300 pounds
are the product of past athletes' sporting acumen.  We must ask wherefrom
the market springs for such behemothery.


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