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Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Wed May 22 23:48:49 MDT 1996


>This is basically nothing but empiricist scepticism in relation to the
>Marxist analysis of the character and situation of class society (the
>potential power of the working class to emancipate itself and humanity) and
>the Bolshevik-Leninist analysis of the way to achieve this emancipation
>(organize the vanguard of the world proletariat in a consciously Marxist,
>revolutionary party). ...

Once again Hugh shows that he thinks it's more important to spout whatever
brand of Marxist orthodoxy he happens to be embroiled in than to worry
about the facts. To try to use agreement with the facts as a criterion for
judging one's analysis is mere "empiricist skepticism." Hugh, I'm sure it's
been many years since you've done so, but I think there's still a chance
for you if you'll start using your head to do more than balance Trotsky's
collected works.


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