Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu May 23 04:04:31 MDT 1996

Dear friends,

The boycott of the marxism list at jefferson village continues.

The Workers Voice people have withdrawn from the list.

The following organisations continue to be scabs and through there silence
uphold the disgusting anti-free speech and bureaucratc methods of the people
responsible for the secret trials and executions of people who defend
workers democracy at jefferson village...

The American CP
The American SWP
The Morenoite International
The USec people
Various state capitalist groups Denmark and England
The American Labor Party People
The PCP people around THe Red Flag
The PCP people around EL Diario
Maoists in Sweden
THe Russian CP
various individuals who,s organisational affiliation are unclear.

Workers democracy and free speech is something that every so called
"marxist" must take seriouly. In fact governments around the world are today
preparing legislation to gag Internet. The antics of the people at the
marxist list, jefferson village plays right into the hands of those who want
to stop the millions of people who for the first time in history have a
chance to freely inter act and discuss on the Internet.

The "marxists" at jefferson village have joined the ranks of those who will
put gags on people. At those that silently stand by and let these people
carry on their secret trials and expulsions so that they can drink there tea
and calmly discuss Hegel or what ever while at the same time acting like
cops on the Internet must be condemned!

Join the boycott!

Stop the bureaucratic secret trials.

Stop the rules which forbid discussion of the creation of the marxist list
on pain of expulsion..

For Workers democracy and freedom of discussion on the Internet..

malecki in exile...

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my

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