New societies in womb of old

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Thu May 23 09:14:58 MDT 1996

On 23 May 1996, Jon Flanders wrote:

>   So on the day to day level, you could sweep the big bourgeoisie out of power
> and have the trains still running on time. Technically, the big b.'s just
> don't have much to do with productive processes anymore.

Louis: Actually, what I said was that the workers who are best prepared to
become the ruling class in a socialist state are those of the advanced
capitalist countries. They definitely have the culture and education to
overcome the sort of problems that the workers of both the infant USSR and
Sandinista Nicaragua faced. The problem, however, is that most of them are
in the apolitical frame of mind indicated in my GE posts. (I must hasten
to add it was Doug Henwood who posted them to me privately and the list
should thank Doug for having the foresight to cross-post such valuable

The question of how to raise the class-consciousness and political
awareness of the US working-class is the question of the epoch. This is
the nation where socialism must prevail if socialism is to have a chance
on a world-scale.

My guess is that the potential for a great political leap forward
now exists. What prevents this from happening is that we are burdened by
an organized "Marxist-Leninist" left that festoons its newspapers with
hammers-and-sickles and speaks in the sort of stilted agit-prop language
that Hugh Rodwell favors us with nearly every day. We should be studying
Eugene V. Debs, Malcolm X, the young Tom Watson, Bill Haywood and Mother
Jones for lessons in how to reach people. The concepts come from Marx and
Engels; the language and symbols come from our national experience.

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