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Thu May 23 12:29:02 MDT 1996

Based on 15 letters sent to us by a silly "MIM's Minister of War" [to the MPP
European and North American] during several years, The New Flag has
prepared a demolishing essay that will expose "naked" the reactionary tiny
gang "MIM", this will be released shortly here (for lack of space we won't
print it in the NF.) As MIM knows, we have made serious criticisms
to its line which we consider reactionary and we are considering to release
these documents as well. Since we honestly had some interest on MIM when
they come up forward with a Maoist posturing in the late 80's, which was
later expose itself as phony with its infantile claim: "MIM Suspend
Support to the People's War." They expose themselves, din't they?

This will be the last exchange with such a contra-
revolutionary gang that fabricates quotes from our leader President
Gonzalo, sells for profit w/o authorization our materials, claimed to
have inter-Party relationship with us, claim to represent Maoism within
US borders, considers all workers in North America and Europe reactionary,
and now w/o a shred evidence slander
a base member of the MPP. MIM is an extremely tiny group of "suspect origin"
that does not merit a serious ideological considerantion like the RCP
or RIM does with whom we are involved in a heated ideological debate (public
and non-public.)

In these times, the mass work of the MPP is under attack by the
reactionaries and opportunists. Recently the MPP brought a significant
number of supporters to picket the presence of the tyrant Fujimori
in front of the peruvian mission, unfurling the red flag of the PCP
to demostrate the support in these lands to the People's War. The
event organized recently in Canada was a success (150 people attended.)
The next event and rally on June 20 in Newark-NJ with the grass root Peru
Support Committee will be surely a success. That's what we are doing and
that's why opportunists who seek self-promotion like Don Olaechea, and
capitulationists and diehards like the tiny bug MIM attack us. And it is
good they attack the MPP and The New Flag, their slanders show that who
is more revolutionary and progressive one, we were not doing a good work
the couple of opportunists who now seek an IEC No. 2, and MIMIES that
desperately jump to join them, streneously attack and slander the New
Flag. Like Mao and President Gonzalo teach us: We would be very worry and
disappointed why those reactionaries do not attack us, that would put
us to their level. "It is good to be attacked by the enemy, since it proves
that we drawn a clear line of demarcaion between them and ourselves. It is
still much better if the enemy attack us wildly and paints us as
utterly black and w/o a single virtue...it show that we have not only
drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but
achieved a great deal in our work." [Mao, May 26, 1939]
President Gonzalo was accused of practicing occultism and being an agent
of the Police in his debate with Patria Roja's [Pseudo
maoist group in Peru] Rolando Bre~na [University of Huamanga, 1973], isn't
that accusation used by the reactionaries and revisionists by years?
Wasn't Lenin accused af being a German agent by the enemy itself?

There is not a Maoist War in the Internet, we consider this an
informational forum of very small relevance in the masses. Even so, while we
can use it, we will. It is not the "proletarian battle field" as the self-
proclaimed insider of the New Flag of RI (who in fact has nothing with NF)
The struggle is in the masses and there is where we will expose the
reactionaries and opportunists. With this, we terminate any relationship
with the exotic and counter-revolutionary MIM.

Marcelina Ccorimanya. Co-Editor, The New Flag.

Proletarians of the World, Unite!
Victory to thet People's War in Peru!
Long Live President Gonzalo and his Powerful Thought!
Uphold the New Flag!

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