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Thu May 23 14:45:28 MDT 1996

>Based on 15 letters sent to us by a silly "MIM's Minister of War" [to the MPP
>European and North American] during several years, The New Flag has
>prepared a demolishing essay that will expose "naked" the reactionary tiny
>gang "MIM", this will be released shortly here (for lack of space we won't
>print it in the NF.) As MIM knows, we have made serious criticisms
>to its line which we consider reactionary and we are considering to release
>these documents as well. Since we honestly had some interest on MIM when
>they come up forward with a Maoist posturing in the late 80's, which was
>later expose itself as phony with its infantile claim: "MIM Suspend
>Support to the People's War." They expose themselves, din't they?
>This will be the last exchange with such a contra-
>revolutionary gang that fabricates quotes from our leader President
>Gonzalo, sells for profit w/o authorization our materials, claimed to
>have inter-Party relationship with us, claim to represent Maoism within
>US borders, considers all workers in North America and Europe reactionary,
>and now w/o a shred evidence slander
>a base member of the MPP. MIM is an extremely tiny group of "suspect origin"
>that does not merit a serious ideological considerantion like the RCP
>or RIM does with whom we are involved in a heated ideological debate (public
>and non-public.)
>In these times, the mass work of the MPP is under attack by the
>reactionaries and opportunists. Recently the MPP brought a significant
>number of supporters to picket the presence of the tyrant Fujimori
>in front of the peruvian mission, unfurling the red flag of the PCP
>to demostrate the support in these lands to the People's War. The
>event organized recently in Canada was a success (150 people attended.)
>The next event and rally on June 20 in Newark-NJ with the grass root Peru
>Support Committee will be surely a success. That's what we are doing and
>that's why opportunists who seek self-promotion like Don Olaechea, and
>capitulationists and diehards like the tiny bug MIM attack us. And it is
>good they attack the MPP and The New Flag, their slanders show that who
>is more revolutionary and progressive one, we were not doing a good work
>the couple of opportunists who now seek an IEC No. 2, and MIMIES that
>desperately jump to join them, streneously attack and slander the New
>Flag. Like Mao and President Gonzalo teach us: We would be very worry and
>disappointed why those reactionaries do not attack us, that would put
>us to their level. "It is good to be attacked by the enemy, since it proves
>that we drawn a clear line of demarcaion between them and ourselves. It is
>still much better if the enemy attack us wildly and paints us as
>utterly black and w/o a single virtue...it show that we have not only
>drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but
>achieved a great deal in our work." [Mao, May 26, 1939]
>President Gonzalo was accused of practicing occultism and being an agent
>of the Police in his debate with Patria Roja's [Pseudo
>maoist group in Peru] Rolando Bre~na [University of Huamanga, 1973], isn't
>that accusation used by the reactionaries and revisionists by years?
>Wasn't Lenin accused af being a German agent by the enemy itself?
>There is not a Maoist War in the Internet, we consider this an
>informational forum of very small relevance in the masses. Even so, while we
>can use it, we will. It is not the "proletarian battle field" as the self-
>proclaimed insider of the New Flag of RI (who in fact has nothing with NF)
>The struggle is in the masses and there is where we will expose the
>reactionaries and opportunists. With this, we terminate any relationship
>with the exotic and counter-revolutionary MIM.
>Marcelina Ccorimanya. Co-Editor, The New Flag.
>Proletarians of the World, Unite!
>Victory to thet People's War in Peru!
>Long Live President Gonzalo and his Powerful Thought!
>Uphold the New Flag!
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