Cats, cornflakes, California & coincidence

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Thu May 23 18:39:27 MDT 1996

Zeynep writes:

>Ok, I forgive! I guess everything is related if you stretch your imagination
>far enough.

That's the spirit! Now I breathe freely again.

>Btw, coincidentally, Mimi and I are the same age. I'm glad you did not know
>*that*. Heaven knows the connections you'd make armed with another
>undeniable, incredible, striking similarity besides the fact we both happen
>to be women. I fear you'd have concluded that Mimi is my alter-ego.

No, no. The eastern Mediterranean has an utterly different relationship to
cats from white California. And corn flakes. Mind you the Zeitgeist does
weird things to people, and 1970 was quite a year in its own quiet way...

Surviving a California childhood and adolescence isn't easy. A Bolivian
girl I had in a class of mine ten years ago went over to suburban Los
Angeles for a year when she was sixteen, and almost got sucked under. It
was drugs or the church, and she chose the church for survival. And she was
just visiting...



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