New societies in womb of old

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Thu May 23 18:05:48 MDT 1996

Jon Flanders wrote:

> So on the day to day level, you could sweep the big bourgeoisie out of power
> and have the trains still running on time. Technically, the big b.'s just
> don't have much to do with productive processes anymore.

The same goes for the telephone company I'm working in.
The bosses spend 80% of their time with sorting out managerial
rivalries and making sure they remain in their seats or hopefully
advance to more soft ones. Their only function in today's
society is making sure their privileges continue.

Their records of destroying production and hindering rational
planning is much more impressive than their actual organization
of production. I mean this on a very practical level also.

Of course a telephone company has to have strategic planning -
which is the only function - for all practical purposes - which
is not at the present done by workers (and to a *small* extent by
what I would call "new middle class"). And strategic planning is
really the easiest one to put under democratic control by the
workers themselves.

Louis is right to point at the quote from Vladimir (and could you
give the reference to where/when Bucharin said this?). But what is
the implication of this observation (that the bourgeoisie learned
to rule before capitalism - the "new society in womb of the old?
None other than the mere fact that workers' power is of a different
nature than other previous class rule. Nothing about how "difficult"
it is to "rule".

Compared to how difficult it is to the capitalists to rule - workers'
power will be leisureful. There will *practical* problems - but really
isn't that what socialism is all about: Getting a chance to solve all
those *practical* problems like hunger, bad education, physical danger
to each and every one of us every day.

No, the point is not how "difficult" it is for workers to rule.
The problem is to make our fellow workers realize that they could do it
*so much better* that it would be worth fighting for the chance to do it.


Jorn Andersen


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