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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu May 23 21:48:54 MDT 1996

At 10:37 PM 5/23/96 -0400, Charlotte wrote:
>        Jeff Booth, Louis Proyect, Neil, Walter Daum and others take the
>CPUSA to task for our line of fighting against the fascist threat that the
>Republicans present to the nation.

Comrade Charlotte  is going up against some pretty big competition here, but
her post was brilliantly written and argued with real fervour.  I  note
however her incorrrect use of the term "fascist"  to mobilise a vote for the
Democrats.  I know Trots are obnoxious and as boring as all hell about this
but they are correct when they argue that we really should not deploy the
term "fascist" as one of abuse or as in this case as a means of mobilising
and covering a move to the right.

That aside my attitude to Clinton is based more on his foreign policy and I
find it hard to see him or his party as the saviour of the poor or of women
and children. I would not ever vote for him or his party even if only
because of the butchery which they promote in Palestine, for the starvation
they promote in Iraq, Cuba...

I cannot speak for my American comrades and the situation they find
themselves in but I believe that the position of refusing to be mobilised by
either the Democrats or the Republicans does not condemn one to political
irrelevance, rather it is the beginning of the long struggle for true
relevance among the working class.



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