r u a hoax hugh?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri May 24 00:32:54 MDT 1996

>>mimi here. r u a hoax hugh? just the other day u were tellin me
>>>You could try some big library near you and see if they've got any
>>>books on Marx's daughters Laura and Jenny.
>>yes sir, hugh. right away, sir. give me a brake ferless leader. cuz i dont do
>>like im told. i read this story abt n embrio in helen demuths. she was marxs
>>wage slave & matress right hugh? ciao 4 now, mimi

rahul here:

>'m dfntly bgnning t sml a rt hr, gys. N ny cse, th fct tht mrx ws a scmbg s
>hrdly rlvnt t hs pltcl ids.

hu here:

rhl, mx wsnt mch f aa smbg.

mimikins, there's a grrrt pic of helene in the pix gallery of Marx/Engels
Archive at:


Wage slave Helene was not. She consumed Marx's practically non-existent
revenue (far too often only what Engels was able to give him), being a
private servant. Unproductive of surplus labour. With the family from the

How do you define a 'matress' in liberated anarcho-feminist circles, mimi
sweetie? I don't call people matresses, so she wouldn't fit the charge in
my book. Maybe in yours?

Haven't got a brake to give you, O ferlis autonomous one, how about a throttle?

How did you and yours react to the Bobbit thing? You remember, she chopped
off his dick and drove around flourishing it for a while before chucking it
out of the car window so he could get it sewed back on? Neat, huh?

ciao 4 now,


ps truth is stranger than fiction.

pps have you tried marxism2? You subscribe in the same way as you subscribe
to marxism, only you write marxism2 instead of marxism. Enjoy.

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