New societies in womb of old. Response 1 of ?

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        You're right, the Schroedinger experiment is not comparable, but i
was reading, I think it was Feynman, who spoke about the significance of
being in the Dirac "camp".  The "super string" theorists seem to be a sort of
cultish phenomenon, too, not that this has much to do with Marxism.

         However, one must admit that everyone usually inquires with a theory
in mind that is larger than the inquiry.  The idea in political theory is to
establish one's argument, not "scientifically" deduce objective fact.  The
historical record does not indicate some greater truth, it can simply be
used more or less persuasively by advocates of a given theory.

        If theory in math is pure; in physics, general; in chemistry,
reproducible,; in biology, specific, by the time you get to the social
sciences, you are left with argument.


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