QUISPE is running out of tricks

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Fri May 24 07:47:22 MDT 1996

QUISPE running out of tricks

As we predicted, QUISPE cannot sustain the lie in public very long,
especially now that he has revealed himself as not just someone with a
slightly different view but someone out to stop El Diario I.  For any honest
revolutionary, the nature of QUISPE's attack on Luis Arce Borja--ordering
MPPs to split, ordering no WCM and trying to overthrow El D. I--these
should be the last straw. These are not matters of some philosophical
disagreement. This is the broadscale attack of a cop.

Every word commits QUISPE to an ACTUAL POSITION recorded in
writing. This is not very useful to this party-hopping cop which we will
have more to say on later. That is why twice Quispe has already said he is
running out of steam. Again the sooner his supporters or former supporters
disown him, the sooner this struggle will end, and with less mess for
everyone involved.

Quispe now talks in "Re: MIM is a joke" about releasing letters written not
for public consumption. Quispe said that was the last thing Quispe would
do. That just reveals Quispe's purposes again. The point is to sow division
and then run before people can pin him down for it. That is what a cop
does: collect information and then use it to sow division.

Notice in that message he goes on with his thing about MIM making
"profit" from PCP publications without any proof. Of course we cannot
expect a cop to understand that newspapers given away free nonetheless
cost money to print. So we can't expect Quispe to know intuitively like an
experienced revolutionary that MIM is operating at a LOSS on advertising
PCP documents for sale, but once we told him, he should have shut up.
Now his sole purpose is to stop the distribution of PCP documents about
which there can be no doubt the PCP wanted them distributed. Sorry
Quispe, this only reveals again the falseness of your claim to be a PCP
member. Like Fujimori you want to cut back on the publicity for
unquestionable PCP documents, all the while covering for your RIM
friends who do sell everything for money. At the same time you reveal
the cop's penchant for slander and spreading petty suspicions, the type which
have landed 7 percent of Black men in prison here.

The other way to look at the question is to presume Quispe really were a
communist. Is this "profit" from PCP lit issue the kind of thing that has to
do with cardinal questions (to write MIM out of Marxism) and defeating
cops? Or is this extremely petty at best? Does this Quispe character reveal
a sense of proportion befitting a communist or does this Quispe character
reveal training in split-in-wreck more appropriate for cops who don't
understand the relative priorities of communists?

The other thing that stands out with Quispe is his conceit, a very useful
conceit. In his conceit as an (alleged) PCP member he can gather information not
otherwise available. But he can also goad people to give him information
with that conceit.

He uses IU-type training to talk about "six MIMIES" and MIM as a "bug."
But Quispe, if we wanted to be large we'd be like your belowed IU, DSA or

The "six MIMIES" publish a weekly
and a quarterly magazine. Hence the "six MIMIES" can be proud too, like
conceited Quispe but without revealing numbers and names. If there are
very few "MIMies" they must be very efficient and serve as models of
"better fewer but better." That will encourage other determined people to

Why don't you ask your friends at CPUSA how many members MIM has
Quispe? One of them already said publicly on INTERNET that MIM has
no members; it's just a supercomputer in a concrete bunker in Ann Arbor,
Michigan--to which we said if the supercomputer's line is correct you better
follow it! However, we can't expect a cop to understand Mao's approach to

If we are a bug oh conceited QUISPE, what does that
make you? What about the Co-RIM you worship that puts out hardly any
magazine in the last three years?

The other bragging that Quispe does has to do with structure. Who
stands where relative to PCP-CC Quispe keeps goading everyone,
by saying he is party and no one else is. Especially by saying MIM never
had any connection with the PCP, Quispe is hoping to goad MIM into
explaining how it did obtain its literature and contacts. He thinks we will
join in his contest of conceit and spill useful information.This cop trick
won't work either Quispe.

Yes Quispe was in a tough spot vis-a-vis MIM. MIM was already active in
the field and Quispe needed to move in without being exposed. There were
not many people around who would know one way or another about the
PCP, but MIM was one obstacle to Quispe. Quispe has sought to use his
struggle with MIM to claim legitimacy and gain further information from
MIM. MIM only regrets that in all its interaction with him, he only used
that to learn to cover his colors better--correcting what is obviously not
Maoist and would give him away, so that now he can claim to the world
that he is PCP and Luis Arce Borja has no authority. Still there are many
clues that this person is a fraud, and fortunately many of them are a matter
of public record.

Desperately Quispe clings to words and phrases out of context.
Now he is stuck on "party-to-party relationship."
MIM already said in its newspaper MIM has no official
tie to the PCP; only the RCP and co-RIM does. Because Quispe
is used to cop thinking, he can't imagine that when I said
we would not violate the basic "principles" of "Party-to-party"
relationships in handling PCP representatives that doesn't
mean we have a party-to-party relationship! Readers
should go back and see what Quispe is complaining about! Quispe
is so used to taking advantage of sectarianism that he can't
possibly understand this or the fact for instance that
we have distributed hundreds of copies of a book by someone
who condemns us. This unbending communist spirit is foreign to Quispe.

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