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Fri May 24 08:20:58 MDT 1996

Louis G.,
	O.K., let's talk about "mainstream politics".  The majority of
registered voters are registered as *independent*.  Polls consistently
show around 60% support for a "third party".  In most elections, most
people don't vote.  The Democratic and Republican parties have no internal
life to them to speak of:  meaning that what few ward caucuses they have
left, have no real power.  The vast, vast majority of workers have no
contact with the party apparatus' or do *any* work for the big business
	Nothing is to be gained by communists in working in/for the
Demrepubs.  In fact, damage is done.

				-- Jeff Booth

On Thu, 23 May 1996, Louis R Godena wrote:

> Dear Jeffrey Booth,
>                                 You criticize the CPUSA--an organization
> which, in spite of everything, professes a
> belief in the need for socialism--for working to defeat the Republicans.
> Yet you are enthusiastic in
> your efforts on behalf of Labor Party Advocates--the leadership of which
> treats all talk of socialism as
> blasphemous--as they continue working to.....defeat the Republicans.
>                                   Now let's talk about MY inconsistencies.
> Back in January, when we were just getting
> warmed up, I wrote you, in response to your inquiry,  that, as far as I was
> concerned, LPA was "surely a
> still-born movement, trying vainly to be all things to all people and ending
> being nothing to anyone."  I
> then went on to my assessment of Mazzochi and Wages as a couple of unctuous,
> opportunist, second-rate labor
> hacks who had parlayed a few kind words for the American worker into a
> profitable sideshow for middle level down-at-the-heels labor lieutenants and
> eclipsed political padrones like Jesse Jackson and Bernie Sanders.
> In other words, much the same kind of outfit you accuse the CPUSA of
> aspiring to be.   Nonetheless, I
> advocated working with LPA in a manner CONSISTENT WITH OUR PRINCIPLES.   In
> a mass organization of
> workers, or one with the potential of being such, it is clearly the duty of
> communists to enter into struggles
> around strategy, line, and tactics.
>                                    That remains my position, even though, as
> we have seen from several postings to the
> list, LPA has continued to degenerate into a tyrant's latrine (pissoir)
> presided over by some of the most
> backward labor misleaders  ever to have their fat asses hang sideways over a
> chair.   If communists were
> willing to struggle against mealy-mouthed middle-of-the-road reformers and
> opportunists, can they do any
> less against the likes of Mazzochi and his hangers-on?
>                                     Ideally, I would like the Communist
> Party to create its own "fronts" to agitate around
> elections, with, of course, the goals of class struggle and socialism as an
> integral part of such a program.
> That we have not yet done so is, in my view, lamentable enough.   I do not
> wish to augment this state of
> affairs by withdrawing completely, as I believe you are doing, from the
> arena of mainstream politics, however
> flawed and ambiguous that arena may be.
>             Louis Godena
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