CP ideology = Reformist Palsy on the brain

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Thu May 23 23:02:00 MDT 1996

dear friends,

Louis  G. has gotten himself into a bit of a muddle trying to defend the
indefensible, the track record since the early 20s of the CPUSA.
 Yes Louis, All parties and groups make blunders nad mistakes. The problem with
the CP is it crossed the class line many decades ago and been inside the liberal
bourgeois terrain for  over 6 decades.
no matter the subjective desires of its rank and file workers base, this party
entered the bourgeios camp.
In the 20s it went with  the state cap. regime in Russia being built up by a new
ruling class of whom Stalin was their political mouthpiece. IT became the near
most obsequious  lap dog for Comintern instruction, even that groups most
bizarre and idiotic ones.
IT has had workers liquidate red led trade unions  and boost the AFL
It said one should support national libbing by backing Chaing Kai shek
in China, then cooled on the butcher Chaing , and shamed him a bit , then sucked
up to him again in 1936...etc..
IT  said Roosevelt was a fascist in 1933 and by 1935 it was backing him up.
It said Hitler should be fought , and then jumped in bed  with the  3rd-Reich,
issuing all and sundry apologetics  and up to  6/22/41 it said all states
,parties to
WW2 were imperialist , On 6/23/41, it said the war was patriotic and on Dec 7th
joined whole hog- american flags in hand (and God bless america via mouth) in
the imperialist butchery of workers!
Can any of you here explain how WW1 could be imperialist  and then WW2
progressive (on the allied side) when all nations involved still had capitalists
material and social basis? I.e. were private caps or state caps. I think it this
type of "analysis" that loses a lot of good people (workers/students ) to the
side of the status-quo . Louis. Marxists can start to deal with these and other
absurdities,& that would be a start for a communist program you say you want!
Look for  solving some of these key problems to the positions of the
communist-left, the traditions of
 S. Pankhurst, J. McClean, Gorter, Pannokoek, Damen, Bordiga and others,. but
revolutionaries of today need to bring things up to date.

THe CP siad US industrial  workers who struck and downed tools here to defend
their lives and rights in  WW2 were Hitler agents and needed to be taught some
street justice- or worse.
(This from a "party' that was criminally  apologising for Hitlerism from
When the US a-bombed Japanese imperialist civilian centers in 1945. THe CP-USA
issued gushing support. Ithink the Daily Worker said  it was the "ole 1-2
OOOOh  Clever!

In 1964 CP leader  Bettina Aptheker spoke  in Pasadena, Ca. and told a crowd of
a few hundred students  that workers "must support Lyndon Baines Johnson, the US
PEACE candidate!!!!! To stop the "fascist" Barry Goldwater"  gang. Hmmmmm Sound
familiar Louis?
In 1973-4 the CPUSA ripped the guts out of the local militant  activism here in
LA to built a mass struggle/movement to dump the criminal Nixon regime, from the
inside , trojan horse style. I guess the CPs State cap mentors in Russia a la
Brezhnev did not want anything to get in the way of their "Detente" charades and
splitting up the world in to imperialist sphres of influence with Nixonism.
Hence the CP got its orders - and carried them out , quite well i might add.
During the Reagan years The CP said the "EXecutive Branch  is fasicst  but
Congress is Progressive " . Now in the 90s under Clintonism  the CP avers "the
Executive branch is Progressive and Congress is reactionary " and the main
atreries of its politics are bent to winning converts to this reactionary
everywhere the CP is found.

If there is anything of a maverick proletarian instinct in you Louis , don't
give the CP one more dime, get out now , even form up a new group  of your
friends and comrades. How  about WORN -thats Workers Against  Revisionist
IT could serve as kind of half-way house for militants decived by  CP lies.

Political groups are like other tools Louis, it is not the size that counts most
but how, and in this case , whose (class) interests the tools are applied. IF
numbers are what you are after, the WatchTower group  has millions!! (And many
of them
are recruited much like the younger  CP recruits )


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