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Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Fri May 24 13:06:13 MDT 1996

I don't want to really comment on other people's countries much. But, from
here, believe me it won't make one tiny bit of a difference for Turkey (or
anywhere else in the world if you ask me) whether Dole or Clinton is
elected. Carter (does he not have a Nobel Peace prize or something similar)
was in power, when the US moderated and helped organise a coup d'etat here,
one of the most brutal periods in history of this country ensued afterwards.

So comrades in the States, think what would help your revolutionary struggle
in your country. For us, it will not make a difference whether cholera or
plague is elected.


Btw, anybody ever heard of a tactic called "active boycott"? That's when you
refuse to vote, and organise people *not to vote* in the circus called
elections. If you're strong enough, you burn the ballot boxes. Or even if
you enter the elections as an independent, you pledge not to sit in the
parliament if elected, the campaign is just another opportunity to speak up.

> >> I must ask if a victory for Dole, who has pledged to destroy Cuban
>socialism by force of arms, would be any better for the people of these
>nations. <<Charlotte K.
> Jon Flanders:
>  Since it was Republicans that ushered in the era of "Detente" with the
>Soviet Union and China, perhaps we should vote for Dole. He would have the
>credentials to do the same with Cuba.
>  Clinton of course has the credentials to make welfare  mothers walk the
>plank. This is the true beauty and elegance of the US political system.

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