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MIM replies to this message from Luis Quispe  below:

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MIM replies: May we get in bed with countless reformists, Trotskyists,
anarchists and bourgeois nationalists to dispense with cops.

As for the joke about MIM having a "Minister of War" or "Minister of
Flame Wars," this is more nationalist libertarianism the cops are taking
advantage of. The Black Panthers of old, the TKP/ML today and the
Communist Party of the Philippines all use titles. The TKP/ML uses almost
the exact set of titles as MIM. So who are you really attacking, cop?!

We know it's hard for a cop to appreciate that when people work below-
ground, the masses need to be able to hold people accountable through an
easy to remember structure. If I were to run around with cops like you
wrecking and splitting as I went and the masses wanted to report that to
the party--as is done in Maoist parties unlike Deng Xiaoping or Hoxha-
style parties--then I have to have some readily identifiable way of being
tagged. And if the party internally wants to hold someone responsible for
failing to get work done, the party also has to give that person authority to
get the work done--hence titles and clear lines of responsibility. But again,
these are peripheral issues, insufficient to write MIM out of Marxism or
call us "counterrevolutionary"--like Quispe does.


> No one has ever "forbidden" MIM to support the Peruvian revolution,
least of
> all myself.  No one can forbid people from participating in the revolution.
Ambassador Don Adolfo: Is it a self-criticism? You were doing this for
years since you colluded yourself with the Ambassador of Belgium.
Whoever does not agree with the weaked Ambassadors or hit them with
ideas are blindly accused as "impostors," "FBI" or "cops." "Ambassadors
must be respected, more even so if they were appointed by Fujimori" an
easy way to admit ideological defeat.

MIM replies: Again this will also appeal to anarchist distrust of structure. It
has nothing to do with Maoism. But it is ironic that Quispe screams "party,
party, party" all the time and yet gets all upset when people notice that
there is a task long-sanctioned by that party--putting out El D. I. and
circulating PCP documents.

> What I told, and now repeat to the gentlefolk from RIM (and if they read
> carefully my original mailer they will realise as much) is the following:

In sum, MIM is a caricature of Maoism.

MIM replies: There is a difference between Adolfo Olaechea and us on this
point. What we hope to make the PCP understand is that when the likes of
Quispe are running around, one of the few defenses we have is to quote
Comrade Gonzalo. People who learn that Gonzalo said we should be
"implacable" against revisionism and that a united front is an "alliance of
classes" and that he had no truck with Sandinista, Gorbachev or myriad
other revisionisms--when people learn this, they begin correctly to wonder
what IS Quispe if he is not a real PCP member, because they see him
fouling up everything that Gonzalo stood for. Honestly, MIM would much
rather not have this task of pointing to Gonzalo's work to unmask the cops
here, but that is the situation.

There is one additional point where we can see how there would be some
tension, and that is a piece of an article pointing to the principal
contradiction and Gonzalo's unique stance on it and how he regarded the
imperialist country masses in the context of that strategic question. We
never said Gonzalo pronounced for our third cardinal, but we did say that it
is only MIM in the imperialist countries that correctly applies the
understanding of the principal contradiction to imperialist country
conditions. This is something for our comrades to think about; it is not
trying to say Gonzalo stood for our third cardinal. All the other quotes we
have adduced from Gonzalo were meant to help people sort out the phony
>from the fake in the Peruvian sojourner community. The example of Quispe
proves why that is necessary. Ultimately it is the PCP's duty to clean house,
but it is still our duty to let them know what is going on in those realms of
action that only we know about. One of the great benefits of the PCP's
handing out its documents free is that we are then able to check up on the
supposed representatives of the PCP abroad. Such is normal in any Maoist

> Obviously they understood this as an "order" to stop supporting the
> revolution. Who am I to order around anybody?  But that childish
> can be only the result of their own INSISTENCE on their absurd claim
> Maoism and in proclaiming that the Peruvian revolution and the ideology
> the PCP is the SAME as their own.
The tiny gang MIM has the guts of printing innuendo slandering and
fabricating quotes from President Gonzalo and the Party. We will never
tolerate this, and they know it.

MIM replies: Quispe, no one on this list is willing to defend your feigned
laziness and pettiness in connection to this attempted libel of MIM. If
others wanted to take up this accusation against MIM, we'd refute it, but
we're not going to bother refuting it only for a cop's benefit. We want to
see how many lazy people we are dealing with when it comes to unmasking

> of not linking it to their ideology which no Marxist of any kind can
> possibly share, and the PCP is a Marxist Party, a Leninist Party,

So, MIM is contrarevolutionary.

MIM replies: Fujimori toasts you again Quispe.
> Secondly:  It is wrong to misrepresent the WORLD MOBILISATION
> which is a Commission with an specific purpose associating it with the
> COMINTERN as if this was a new version of an organism which can
only be the
> end result of a long process.
The Comintern issue is MIM's guise to jump into the Ambassador's dead
baby in the mother's womb (WMC.) From "MIM suspends its support to
People's War by order of the Ambassador" to "MIM support the WMC
with the
blessing of Don Adolfo," is the most cunning political behavior of a
typical Yankee revisionist group such as MIM.

MIM replies: Taking Mao's stand on the COMINTERN is enough to get
one written out of Marxism these days. If Mao is going to be written off,
then we are happy to be written off too. Even Marx said he didn't want to
be a Marxist in such conditions! More sensible proletarians will say that
people can disagree on this point, but there is no way one can write MIM
out of Marxism for taking this stand.

For those who haven't followed this, MIM has already rebutted numerous
times the idea that Adolfo Olaechea is PCP.
> Whether RIM - which is now undeniably going through a crisis of
> - will be replaced, re-organised, or superseeded, is not in any way the
> of this Commission, but the task of the Communist Parties which belong
> RIM and which must be the ones to take the necessary steps to resolve
> issues arising from the bankruptcy of the leadership of that organism
> (Co-RIM).
This is something we were saying all along. The Ambassadors are not
interested in uniting the Communists (RIM 2) or of the supporters of the
revolution, but a bureaucratic way to become "leaders" [self-promotion]
through a IEC-2 like organization where a handful of opportunists and
name seekers will be used along those groups who always lend their
endorsement to anyone so WMC will present itself a
caricature of "representation" or "legitimacy" to the Ambassadors.
What role does MIM play in all this? None, it is a pest, a political
liability. Remember MIM's public statement: "MIM withdraws from RIM"

MIM replies: This is a pure fabrication and a hypocritical one too! Show us
where MIM said "MIM withdraws from RIM," libelous cop scum. Again
this is all a matter of public record. Disinformation pure and simple.

[cop Quispe continues:]
however, MIM was never in RIM. "MIM Suspend Support to the People's
just when the world reactionaries and the Senderologists such as Strong
claims that the PCP and its supporters are deeply split overseas.
Can any one trust in MIM? Maybe Don Adolfo, not us.

MIM replies: Of course not, because cops can't trust MIM and they are
busy mobilizing the widest mistrust possible--by pitting entire MPPs
against each other if possible, in the best possible dream for Fujimori.


> To speak in this fashion is to ignore the traditions of the International
> Communist Movement (which never dissapeared because of the
transformation of
> the Comintern into the Cominform, or even because of modern
> wrecking organisational and political havoc with many of its constituent
> parties).

> The Co-RIM is totally unsuited for leading such a mobilisation.  This is
> incontrovertible fact.  Moreover, there is no way to change Co-RIM
> within" since its problems are structural and ideologically have to do with
> Avakian revisionism and chicanery.
Is Avakian that powerful that everything depends on him for RIM to
redeem as
Don Adolfo states? If so, let's get rid of him. It is a problem of
leadership and line, Avakian has fake organizations such as a "Haitian
group", "Dominican
group" and "Iranian group" which are as meaningless as MIM, then
let's separate the apples and shake up RIM from bottom up.

MIM replies: All talk no action--and for how many years? Quispe you
reveal your own bankruptcy. The time for action is LONG past. You are
now just spreading illusions to save Avakian. And even you admitted you
couldn't get anything done in the RIM without Avakian's approval.
[Cop Quispe continues:]
Wasn't the Party's leadership at one time as rotten as the Co-RIM?
Why do we have to run, Are the
Turks on line, are the Nepalese with us, are the Italians supporting us,
there are many in RIM as potential members, are we proposing their
inclussion...working with the bases, it can be shaken up as the Party
call us to do it.

MIM replies: Cheap talk, sounding like MIM, but years later. But we'll
answer why Co-RIM cannot be fixed while the PCP could be fixed: the Co-
RIM is based fundamentally in a society with a huge labor aristocracy.
Material conditions do not permit fraud to survive in the Philippines and
Peru. The masses push away the impediments when summoned by the
proletarian leaders in those societies. Here a major brow-beating of the
RCP by the proletarian line barely has an impact. Of course the other
explanation possible would be that the RCP is already led by a proletarian
line and hence it does not change. We don't see many other logical
explanations. You choose!

> For that purpose there will be a WORLD CONFERENCE in which
> Leninism-Maoism WILL NOT BE A CONDITION of participation, but
only support
> for the revolutionary process in Peru.
IEC No. 2.! The radical fraction of the IEC, but very bureacratic and w/o
representation and the large logistic of the opportunist IEC has. Certainly,
not at the level of RIM where MLM is a condition...In synthesis: All the
Ambassadors want is "legitimacy" and "leadership" and "publicity" for
themselves. MIM fits well here.

This is our last chat with Hon. Don Adolfo and MIM's Minister of Flame
Wars. Good luck with your WMC.

Marcelina Ccorimanya (Luis has no time for you, excellency."

MIM replies: Once again it is the goal of Fujimori to paint everything done
by supporters of the People's War as selfish. It could just as easily be said
that Quispe is positioning himself to take over the RIM remnants. It would
be more true that Luis Arce Borja and Adolfo Olaechea were bureaucrats
trying to take over the COMINTERN if they stayed as loyal opposition in
the RIM structure and not taking their own initiatives where it failed. But
we digress, because the line of a bureaucrat is important but not so
important when the contrast is between cops and revolutionaries.

What matters is that Quispe is fomenting division on a grand-scale, and for
what? He says Patria Roja called Gonzalo a cop too, but Quispe you are no
Gonzalo. Gonzalo attacked Patria Roja to get the People's War going and
to clear up questions of revisionism. Quispe's line bounces around so much,
any split that he would achieve would have no political meaning, except to

I can see it now: "Split the MPPs to stop MIM profits!"
"Shut down El D. I. because Quispe is Party!" This is deep, deep stuff,
quite good enough for a Fifth International, honorary section of the Fourth.

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