Quispe trafficks with MIM name, views and alleged RIM

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MIM prefaces this article with a statement to progressive people.
It's very important to separate one's own political views
of what the PCP SHOULD BE from what it WANTS TO BE itself. Whatever
one's views might be, one needs to evaluate how likely it is that
a genuine PCP supporter or even a base supporter would do what Quispe
does. There may be many people who agree with the revisionists Quispe
has worked with and flattered in print. But would the PCP ever do that?
That is the question when it comes to unmasking cops.

mim3 at nyxfer.blythe.org

> As we predicted, QUISPE cannot sustain the lie in public very long,
> especially now that he has revealed himself as not just someone with a
> slightly different view but someone out to stop El Diario I.  For any
> revolutionary, the nature of QUISPE's attack on Luis Arce Borja--
> MPPs to split, ordering no WCM and trying to overthrow El D. I--these
> should be the last straw. These are not matters of some philosophical
> disagreement. This is the broadscale attack of a cop.
Cop-MIM, what MPP is supporting Arce? None. if you don't understand
this matter, and indeed you don't, shut the fuck up.

MIM replies: Hah, again, it's public record that you spoke of "Arce's
MPPs," but it's also public record that you attempted to order the MPPs to
stop supporting the WCM! And this two months after the call came out!

> Every word commits QUISPE to an ACTUAL POSITION recorded in
> writing. This is not very useful to this party-hopping cop which we will
> have more to say on later.
MIM you are just a nuissance, a waste of time. What are your positions,
other than receiving orders of Don Adolfo (the Don King of the WMC) to
call us cops? Luis, a working class revolutionary who dedicates his life
to Communism being slandered by the reactionary MIM and the senile
Don Adolfo that quickly forget what his adulations to the New Flag and
the MPP. Once he is criticized, anyone suddenly becomes into an
and a cop. The businessman Don Adolfo, the great fraud of "Communists."

MIM replies: Cheap demagogue's trick, but it's already been shown that
Adolfo Olaechea is NOT the issue. You need it to be him personally as the
issue, because that's the only way you can win. Again you show a lack of
any broad-mindedness seen in a communist.

> Quispe now talks in "Re: MIM is a joke" about releasing letters written
> for public consumption. Quispe said that was the last thing Quispe would
> do. That just reveals Quispe's purposes again. The point is to sow
> and then run before people can pin him down for it. That is what a cop
 does: collect information and then use it to sow division.
How an atom can be divided? May be in protons and neutrons that would
be split and generate some energy. These letters show your true colors as
a dubiuos seudo-Maoist group. It will show your real aspirations of
being "legitimized" and "recognized as the Maoist Party in US borders" in
exchange for your useless "support." It will show that your "criticisms"
were not sincere at all but an attempt to black mail us in exchange
for "legitimacy."

MIM replies: You know, here there is finally a grain of truth, something we
have tried to explain to the many, many people who have no idea what
some people are talking about when they say "franchise."

I just finished writing about the oppressor nation working class in
imperialism on this list, and at the end I said we would enter into wider
discipline with those who hold our first two cardinals and could muster the
scientific courage to admit that the p.b. and semi-proles were the majority.

Quispe is actually trying to make our readers shocked that MIM would ask
this. And it is true that MIM enters a higher level of democratic-centralism
with people who agree with our third cardinal.

Now at the very beginning of our discussions with Quispe, we asked where
he stood and where he believed the PCP stood on our third cardinal. And
we asked why it was that he wanted us to intervene on an issue revolving
around Peruvian conditions when he has been here for years and hasn't
intervened on the question of the labor aristocracy. After all he knew very
well that MIM didn't have anyone on the ground in Peru the way the PCP
has friends on the ground in North America. And why did his New Flag
publish articles saying Yankees shouldn't intervene on the questions while
he was asking us to intervene on the questions! (Another one of those
things from our perspective where he should have made self-criticism and
an "error correction" if he was going to retain credibility as a Maoist.)

It's true, MIM enters higher discipline with those who agree with us on our
third cardinal, essentially because other issues are less important to us in
our fight against revisionism here. And our first task is to make revolution
here. So when Quispe sounded to us like he agreed with our first two
cardinals and our fourth (democratic-centralism), but he wanted us to take
a stand on the conditions in Peru on the spot, we asked him if this was
cardinal to him, and if he demanded this of us, what should we demand of
him? Apparently the idea of equality in relations between organizations still
hasn't sunk in with Quispe. But that's to be expected with his RIM training.

That's where the grain of truth ends and the hilarity starts. Here we are a
"bug" and Quispe is crying about MIM "blackmailing" the PCP. One
minute we are nothing, the next more powerful than an armed body of
thousands of workers and peasants according to Quispe.

Here Quispe: we will do better than your letters and give you something
really good for your scandal sheets: Not only would we enter into wider
discipline with those who agree with our third cardinal, we would do so (if
the opportunity would present itself) with those who recognize the Patria
Roja! That's because the most we can contribute to Maoism internationally
is defeating revisionism right here, and in such an arrangement we would
just criticize our partners
internally for recognizing Patria Roja and we would also continue to
uphold the PCP publicly. (On the other hand, we see from how Quispe
plays the whole issue of having fraternal parties as a selfish matter of
legitimacy that perhaps it is better not to bother with them except where
conditions are basically similar.)

But seriously Quispe, this line of approach is not going to work, because
people know that MIM supported the PCP and was banned from
innumerable forums for it without a written or spoken word from the PCP.
In fact, we were entirely better off supporting the PCP without fakes like
you causing us trouble!
> Notice in that message he goes on with his thing about MIM making
> "profit" from PCP publications without any proof. Of course we cannot
> expect a cop to understand that newspapers given away free nonetheless
> cost money to print.
You cannot deny this fact, the titles and prices are listed in your last
journal. These are our publications, all you have done is erase the name
of The New Flag, you've done the same with the extensive newsbriefs you
published in your paper (again deleting the name of the authors.) That's
not revolutionary nor a Maoist method, it is a MIM-cop way. All we are
asking you know to stop this practice.

MIM replies: OK Quispe, you name the publications that we secretly took
your name off of and I will see to their banning. Also, you name the issue
and page number of your stories that we did not credit and I will run a
correction in the paper--provided of course the author of the stories you
are talking about still supports you in your split and wreck activities.

> experienced revolutionary that MIM is operating at a LOSS on
> PCP documents for sale, but once we told him, he should have shut up.
> Now his sole purpose is to stop the distribution of PCP documents about
> which there can be no doubt the PCP wanted them distributed.
No. What we are saying is that you should not traffick with them, no one
has authorized you to sell our materials as if they were yours. Even
so now that you have "suspended your support." The Party has its own
mechanisms of distribution, that why the MPPs exist. That's why
precisely we are putting a large web page with approx. 1,000 documents
in construction to be distributed freely but not make a profit out of it.
MIM is learning from the RCP that in the middle of the harangue of
President Gonzalo on Sept. 24, 1992, the video shows Heriberto Ocasio
alternating with the speech of our leader. That's what we won't tolerate.

MIM replies: In this paragraph we learn he won't tolerate it. Later we see
his faces shrinking under pressure to one face--the RCP face. Ah yes it
would be nice to unmask only ONE mask, so you keep it up Quispe. But
did the RCP forgive you for forging documents against them? Or was that
all staged by you together. The world waits in baited breath for your
answer in the next issue of As the Quispe World Turns.


> Quispe, this only reveals again the falseness of your claim to be a PCP
> member.
Luis never claims to be a member of the PCP. He is the editor of The
New Flag, and he does not participate in debates in the net, obviously
he is a base member (not a leader) of the MPP.

MIM replies: Not obvious from all your bragging to deceive the people
with conceit.

 Like Fujimori you want to cut back on the publicity for
> unquestionable PCP documents, all the while covering for your RIM
> friends who do sell everything for money. At the same time you reveal
> the cop's penchant for slander and spreading petty suspicions, the type
> have landed 7 percent of Black men in prison here.

We have criticized the RCP in this matter as well, but we do not want to
deal with MIM running a small trafficking with our materials anylonger.
The MPPs are taking the task of a major translation and distribution of the
Party materials, mos of them at no cost to the working class, and at the
expense of the sweet and sacrifice of our members, we will not allow
MIM to sneak in with its business plans and profit with the blood of our

MIM replies: See the above Quispe. Name the documents or newspaper
articles. We don't want to be mixed up with you in particular in any way.
As for "profit" you continue to expose yourself as a libelous cop.

> The other way to look at the question is to presume Quispe really were a
> communist.
Whether MIM considers Luis a cop or a Communist does not have any

MIM replies: Neither does the fight against crypto-Trotskyism according
to you, don't forget to add.

 Is this "profit" from PCP lit issue the kind of thing that has to
> do with cardinal questions (to write MIM out of Marxism) and defeating
> cops?

We already in dozens of private and public communications, we do not
with your positions, we lay down the reasons why your brand of
pseudo "Maoism" is detrimental for the class, they are reactionary.
Those, including your practice are the cardinal questions.

MIM replies: In other words what you've said on this list so far has been
bullshit. That's a good start for self-criticism, but it won't work, now that
you've been unmasked.


 Or is this extremely petty at best? Does this Quispe character reveal
> a sense of proportion befitting a communist or does this Quispe character
> reveal training in split-in-wreck more appropriate for cops who don't
> understand the relative priorities of communists?
This is simple an attempt of character assasination that doesn't work at all.
MIM has not relevance at all in the progressive movement in the US and
abroad. Don Adolfo could not sustain a debate with us and in desperation
cried FBI! is that your evidence? Are pleasing him and arce to accept you
in their wings, you are a nuissance MIM.

MIM replies: A nuisance to reactionaries and cops for sure.


 The "six MIMIES" publish a weekly
> and a quarterly magazine. Hence the "six MIMIES" can be proud too,
> conceited Quispe but without revealing numbers and names. If there are
> very few "MIMies" they must be very efficient and serve as models of
> "better fewer but better." That will encourage other determined people to
> join.
This describes MIM...It only exists in paper. Where is your mass work,
how about your ridiculous front DERAIL and other nonsense...offering
kissing the ass of Arce Borja to be "your editor under direction of MIM"
is plain opportunism.

MIM replies: The FBI honors you for denying MIM's mass work. Anyone
truly curious need only read MIM's publications to know about MIM's
mass work. Only anarcho-mensheviks are going to buy Quispe's general
idea and it is best for MIM not to recruit those anyway. But even some
anarcho-Mensheviks aren't going to buy what Quispe is saying in this
instance, because he is a cop.

 The "six MIMIES" publish a weekly
> and a quarterly magazine. Hence the "six MIMIES" can be proud too,
> conceited Quispe but without revealing numbers and names. If there are
> very few "MIMies" they must be very efficient and serve as models of
> "better fewer but better." That will encourage other determined people to
> join.
This describes MIM...It only exists in paper. Where is your mass work,
how about your ridiculous front DERAIL and other nonsense...offering
kissing the ass of Arce Borja to be "your editor under direction of MIM"
is plain opportunism.

MIM replies: I don't recall reading any Workers World drivel uncriticized
in Luis Arce Borja's publication. Too bad I can't say the same for New
Flag. You want to talk about opportunism! You! What party have you
NOT gotten in bed with you swine! Let's leave Arce Borja out of this too!
When has El Diario in Peru ever done anything like the New Flag and
published all kinds of crap from all kinds of revisionists under the sun!
When did they mention Maoism and Trotskyism/reformism in the same
breath! Never. Go on, give an accounting before the masses of your
relations to the alphabet soup here in North America! No you are not just a
swampy Menshevik. Only cops benefit from having such a wide range of
intelligence-gathering. Pay for one cop--get lots of parties covered.


> Why don't you ask your friends at CPUSA how many members MIM has
> Quispe? One of them already said publicly on INTERNET that MIM has
> no members; it's just a supercomputer in a concrete bunker in Ann Arbor,
> Michigan--to which we said if the supercomputer's line is correct you
> follow it! However, we can't expect a cop to understand Mao's approach
> line.
MIM-cop: You are smaller than the writers of the New Flag and you want
Party-to-Party relation with the PCP, your papers are meningless if
the masses don not take them seriously.

MIM replies: You can see from this again that line has no meaning to
Quispe. MIM is the only party in the imperialist countries fighting for the
dictatorship of the proletariat and not the dictatorship of the semi-
proletariat. A communist who understood this would support MIM
regardless of size. Instead, he blames us for seeking comrades abroad who
know the universals of MLM, the definition of "proletariat" and the point
of class struggle.


> If we are a bug oh conceited QUISPE, what does that
> make you? What about the Co-RIM you worship that puts out hardly any
> magazine in the last three years?
Luis does not worship Co-RIM, you are lying MIM. If you say Co-RIM is
RCP, well that is an established organization with relations inside
and broad IEC and RIM contacts abroad...Although all its problems in
line and ideological shortcomings with the "two line struggle in the PCP"
and the "peace hoax", RCP cannot be compared with MIM.

MIM replies: Thanks so much Quispe. You just lost one of your faces, and
in print for all to see. We appreciate it greatly. Talk about trafficking, your
pretense of having an interest in Maoism here has been unmasked. Now
stop claiming we ever tried to get into your RIM, so as to stop trafficking
with our name. You will forever traffick with our original name--RIM, but
we won't charge you anything for that.


> The other bragging that Quispe does has to do with structure. Who
> stands where relative to PCP-CC Quispe keeps goading everyone,
> by saying he is party and no one else is. Especially by saying MIM never
> had any connection with the PCP, Quispe is hoping to goad MIM into
> explaining how it did obtain its literature and contacts.

we ask not to traffick with them. Since you said you take orders from
Don Adolfo, that is your contact. The MPPs nor the Party itself
never had direct contacts with MIM.

MIM replies: Tsk tsk Quispe, now you contradict your printed words
again. But it's OK. We don't want contact with your "MPP" and we have
made that clear for more than a year now. Stop trafficking with our name
as if we were interested in you.
> not many people around who would know one way or another about the
> PCP, but MIM was one obstacle to Quispe. Quispe has sought to use his
> struggle with MIM to claim legitimacy and gain further information from
> MIM. MIM only regrets that in all its interaction with him, he only used
> that to learn to cover his colors better--correcting what is obviously not
> Maoist and would give him away, so that now he can claim to the world
> that he is PCP and Luis Arce Borja has no authority. Still there are many
> clues that this person is a fraud, and fortunately many of them are a
> of public record.

MIM you are ridiculous. "Luis getting information on the PCP from MIM."
Who gave Arce Borja any authority? MIM or Fujimori? Obviously not the
PCP. Luis is not a leader
of the MPP nor the Party, he is a base member and the editor of the The
New Flag. If MIM-cop or Don Adolfo deduct that "he is the leader"
is pure speculation, a dream.

MIM replies: Oh, in other words Luis Quispe and Luis Arce Borja are
equals and there is a split. Quispe, how many times will you repeat lies
about our position? Why don't you answer any of the simpler questions we
put to you in previous documents? Answer: because it exposes you. You
have learned to hide your colors. That is all. Your fabricated quote above
won't fool anyone.
> Desperately Quispe clings to words and phrases out of context.
> Now he is stuck on "party-to-party relationship."
> MIM already said in its newspaper MIM has no official
> tie to the PCP; only the RCP and co-RIM does.

several Communist parties around the world, not only Co-RIM or
the RCP.

MIM replies: True, but irrelevant. The point is who has the official tie here.
> should go back and see what Quispe is complaining about! Quispe
> is so used to taking advantage of sectarianism that he can't
> possibly understand this or the fact for instance that
> we have distributed hundreds of copies of a book by someone
> who condemns us. This unbending communist spirit is foreign to Quispe.
Don't make us laugh MIM. So Luis is a "sectarian Communist cop."
> You won't please Don Adolfo with this stupidity.

Marcelina Ccorimanya.

MIM replies: Don't flatter yourself Quispe. We didn't say you were a
sectarian. We say again and again that you take advantage of the sectarian
side of our movement, also its nationalist, hegemonist and libertarian side.
One thing we have succeeded in doing in this exchange is narrowing down
the number of faces you can use to appeal to the masses. Now it is clear
that you have an RCP-USA face. That face has many sides to it as well, but
your ability to fool people is greatly reduced with that mask on.

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