evil of two lessers

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My opinion on this topic of whether Clinton is a lesser evil can
be discerned from my response to an old David Letterman top ten
list question - "none".  Below is the question and Dave's top
ten responses:

"Ways the U.S. Would Be Different If the Next President
Were a Dog"

As presented on the 7/8/94 broadcast of LATE SHOW with

10. Doggy door on oval office
9. At press conferences, instead of "Mr. President," reporters
would shout, "Here fella!"
8. Goodbye Whitewater scandal, hello toilet bowl water scandal
7. Washington Monument replaced with hundred-story fire hydrant
6. U.S. might have more coherent foreign policy
5. Public enemy #1: That neutering bastard Bob Barker
4. Secret service and CIA dispatched to catch that little chuck wagon
3. Country really run by dog's smarter poodle wife
2. Here's your new national anthem: (videotape of dog barking x-mas jingle)
1. One word: sausage-gate

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Savor this, Clinton apologists. From Paul Gigot's column in today's (May
24) Wall Street Journal (Gigot is quite right-wing, for those who don't
read him):

"Lately, Mr. Clinton has been moving so fast to the right that he's beating
Mr. Dole to the spot. He declared his opposition to same-sex marriage
before the Kansan could make it an issue. Then, les Mr. Dole find even an
inch of running room, the president pre-emptively endorsed a GOP bill to
allow other states to ignore the Constitution's Full Faith and Credit
clause and reject Hawaii's looming endorsement of gay marriage. Who needs
the Christian Coalition when Bill Clinton is around.
[D]on't look for Mr. Clinton actually to defend federal welfare. Instead
he's taking credit for reforms by GOP governors that are more radical than
anything his own advisors favor. The official White House line this week is
that there's no difference between Bob Dole and Bill Clinton on welfare!
[C]onfident liberals might ponder how difficult it would be for Mr. Clinton
to govern as a liberal after he's campaigned, in essence, for a kinder,
gentler Contract With America."



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